Introducing The UnNatural Mother


First I must say that both my children were well planned and very much wanted. My job, which I’m on MAT leave from with baby No2 requires a high level of organisation and planning so when it comes to my ‘home life’ I organise & plan just the same.

The reason I decided to have my 1st baby was I didn’t want to get to 40, having built up my career to then find out I couldn’t have kids. No amount of money would have filled the hole that would have been left in mine & hubby’s life.

Our little boy was born in 2012 & our little girl in 2015.When people told me children turn your life upside down they weren’t kidding. The day my son was born was the start of my downward spiral from shopping at Harvey Nic’s, getting a £25 blow dry’s & enjoying expensive lunches to my present label of choice Heart Foundation (yes, the charity shop ), greasy hair 5 days a week and eating the baby’s  leftover mush.

I am not writing this blog for sympathy, more to keep a note of the utter crazy situations I now find myself in on a daily basis.

And with that Baby No2 has awoken so off I must go back to mummy duties


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