More Tea Vicar ?

tea and biscuits for the Vicar

My daughter gets Christened on Sunday so we had a visit from the Parish Vicar for tea and a chat about the service. Having picked my son up early from nursery and explained who the vicar was ( or so I thought I had ) and how he needed to be a good boy, I had just enough time to stick a dress on my daughter and baby wipe both their faces. My Hubby hearing the Vicar was coming had deserted me and gone to the last minute meeting ! ?!

Everything started off well with both kids smiling and happily munching on a biscuit while the Vicar and I chatted. The peace was soon to be broken when my Son convinced the Vicar was, in fact, Post Man Pat kept asking where Jess the cat was. My daughter having enjoyed her 1st biscuit was now trying to furiously get off my lap and get to the plate of goodies. It wasn’t until the Vicar had gone did I realise my brand new ( from Oxfam) cream M&S top had been decorated with chocolatey fingers.

The Vicar & I carried on with our discussion trying to ignore that my son was now licking all the biscuits and we were nearly at the end of our chat when the Vicar asked about my own Christening. Not wanting to lie to a man of the cloth I explained that due to my Dad being an Atheist I was never Christened but my mum had taken me to the local church as a baby and after checking the Vicar was not in sight had gone to the Font, sprinkled Holy Water on my head and made a quick exit. Not happy with my answer the Vicar then proceeded to give me the sales pitch about how nice adult Christenings where and that as he was retiring soon so to  ‘ just get it done’ in the next few weeks. He even left me with a leaflet. So after careful consideration and to the delight of my Mum, I’m going to organise my own Christening. Something very small, just family but an excuse to buy a posh new dress. (From Bernardo’s in Lytham, the rich area of Blackpool )







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