Heigh Ho,Heigh Ho,It’s Off To Work I Go …. 





So here I am at 7.28 sitting on the train to Manchester to go into see my boss to discuss my return to the working world in September. Up until this morning I was uber excited with the thought of wearing a posh outfit , putting on my heels and using my brain cells in a real adult conversation. But as I sit here on the train I have sat on 10 million times I feel physically sick. I’m already wishing I had put flat shoes on, the note book I put in my handbag is decorated with jam & doodles and I’m actually SCARED ! Scared they are going to see through my red lipstick & heels , scared they are going to tell me they don’t want me back , scared because soon I will have to leave my babies again. I’m not saying anything here that every other mother doesn’t feel but today that mother is me and just for a few minutes I’m going to allow myself to have a little wallow in self pity. BUT I know myself too well , and having been brought up by a mother who’s favourite expression is “tits & teeth ” I know that whatever happens today I will be fine and if it all goes wrong the office is next to Harvey Nichols so I will just drown my sorrows in an expensive cocktail (1 is all I can afford ) while wearing my posh outfit , red lipstick & heels. 


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