Lost & Found 

I have read many articles about how other mothers felt they lost their identities when they became mothers.Well I havent lost mine. More annoying than loosing something mine just went to live under the huge pile washing in the kitchen , the bathroom that needs moping & the nightly dinner that needs preparing between home work & bath time . I didn’t start this blog and call myself The UnNatural Mother because I felt I was a bad mother , more I was bad at everything else that comes with being a mother. No where in Miriam Stoppards books does it tell you how to roast a chicken or how to get the housework done when your teething baby won’t be put down.Who has time for an identity when you are an unpaid skivy ? This week my hubby is away with work so I have decided to sod the house work , eat out at friends each night & dug my personality out of the washing pile. Life is too short and what’s the worst that can happen , the dust will just collects for another day !!!!!

Mummy Times Two

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  1. rebeccamabey says:

    I think it is human nature! When we are home we sometimes wish we could get out more and put on those heels and when we are out we miss being at home. Making plans at home help me to retain me identity and sharing that passion with the kids makes them see more than just mom too:)

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