It Never Rains But It Pours 

As a mummy, the hardest part of the day is always 6am-9am.This is when most of the tantrums happen & the tears shed( mostly by me ). If I can survive those first 3 hours without requiring the need to head straight to Bargain Booze after the Nursery drop off then I can face anything the day throws at me.This morning was an extra special example of the madness I find myself in – 

6 am – Get rudely awoken by Harry thrusting his water bottle in my face and demanding blackcurrant, NOW !!
6.15 am – Make Charley breakfast & check on Harry who had left the kitchen to play with his jigsaw in the conservatory. As I walk in I’m met by Harry plus a large spoon leisurely tucking into last nights Birthday cake like a bowl of Coco Pops. I remove the cake from Harry and he removes the 150 piece jigsaw from the table into the floor.
6.30am – On hands & knees picking up jigsaw pieces.

7 am – Screams of ” mummy , nappy ,mummy ” come from the lounge. After rushing in from the kitchen Charley’s freshly nappy,is no longer fresh and green poo is oozing out of it and all over the carpet. Cleaned child , cleaned carpet .

7.30am- Start the daily struggle to get 2 kids washed & dressed. This process normally ends with at least one of us crying.Harry has a preschool party today so he’s wearing his best clothes. I notice it starts to rain.
8am – Rain is now torrential but we need to go to the supermarket to nursery to pick up food for nursery party.Bundle kids in the car and set off .
8.10am- Get to supermarket but see the doors are open but no lights are on. Power cut due to rain !!
8.20am – Drive around until I see a shop open with lights on. Rain by now is bouncing off the floor. Put rain cover over car seat , run to shop with car seat over one arm & holding Harry’s hand. Buy crisps & cakes for party & stop Harry shoplifting a Peppa Pig magazine he’s taken a fancy to . Take food , car seat & Harry & run back to car.
8.30am- I’m soaking wet . Harry’s feet are drenched so we drive home , find Harry’s wellies and drive to preschool.Park the car , take the buggy out of the boot and jog to the Preschool door. Handover child , party food & dry change of clothes ( bad mummy ) and race back to the car .
8.45am – Put Charley into the car , pack pram away & breathe a sigh of belief I can now go home for breakfast. Oh no , I spoke too soon !! Nice other preschool mummy informs me that I left my purse in the plastic bag containing the party food so once again take Charley out of the car , sprint in the rain back to preschool , collect purse & race back to car. By this point I look like a drowned rat , Charley’s screaming her head off from being strapped in & taken out of her car seat 10 times and all I can do is sit in the car and laugh .Laugh at myself, laugh at the loony tune situations I always find myself in since being a mummy but I suppose if you can’t laugh at yourself , who can you laugh at ? ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  1. Thanks for the giggles…..only because I remember those days and it’s nice to reminisce now that my two older boys are grown. At the time it was not funny but now I miss those days!!
    PS: You look great as a drowned rat!

    • theunnaturalmotherblog says:

      Thank you 💋 I will definitely miss these days. It’s all about making memories X

  2. I always sweat most in those hours too. Pure stress!! You feel like you are losing it. Then you get a reboot😊

  3. The Pramshed says:

    Ah this sounds like a nightmare morning! But you’re right if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at. There is always wine at the end of the day, or at lunchtime! I’m like you if you can survive the morning, you can survive the day. I often feel like I’ve run a marathon by the time I get into the office. Thanks for sharing this at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  4. Louise says:

    Oh dear sounds like a bad morning! These things always happen when it’s raining! #sharingthebloglove

  5. I hate the mornings too – getting up and started is the hardest part! Although I also hate bedtimes… And why do supermarkets always put those Peppa magazines right in toddler reach? Mine manages to snag them all the time, and then I buy it just to avoid the meltdown! These supermarkets know what they’re doing…

    Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove – we’d love to see you back again tomorrow!

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      I have shares in Peppa Pig now , that way for each magazine we buy i earn some money back !! Thanks for the comments . I will link back up tomorrow

  6. It’s the 4-7pm part of the day that I don’t like, when we are all tired and exhausted from the day. The tantrums just keep on coming! Peppa Pig magazines have a lot to answer for, then they never want to read them! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      Peppa Pig is a mummy’s arch enemy. Between her magazine and jumping in muddy puddles she makes life very difficult . Thanks for having me and the comments X

  7. Those are the worst hours as I’m a zombie until after 9am – those and the hours 6-8pm when it’s over tired noise

  8. Mummy Times Two says:

    I love this so much! I defy any mum not to recognise and empathise with this situation.

  9. Lauren M says:

    Ha, all you can do is laugh! My mornings are not much better, and I only have one terror to get ready.

  10. pam lorimer says:

    Our mornings are actually the best bit of my day! Its he 3pm-6pm thsts the witching time for us! Laughter is the best medicine! #postsfromheheart

  11. oh my word I feel your pain – I remember these days – and not with fondness. I used to arrive at my desk at 9am after sorting three children under 4 feeling like I’d done a days work before even starting work – just horrific and never before until that moment did I really grasp just how damn good mothers are at multi-tasking! I’m exhausted just reading this – pop the kettle on and put your feet up for five minutes my lovely xx #postsfromtheheart

  12. Anne says:

    That sounds like a lot of rain, laughter is the best medicine, even if it’s hysterical!

  13. Did that informative mommy have a kid with her? If not she could have at LEAST ran in to grab it for you.

    I have days like this just about every flippin day. With for small kids this shit is always striking.


  14. Oh god yes! Our mornings are horrific, getting all four of them up and dressed and off to school is super stressful! It’s my worst time of day, I’d take screaming at bedtime or faffing about over dinner over the morning routine any day of the week! #postsfromtheheart

  15. I’ve got all this to look forward to it seems…right now I’m able to convince the baby that we both need naps at this magical time! #postsfromtheheart

  16. Isabella says:

    Ha! You could have written my life a year ago, I now home educate my kids and thank the heavens I don’t have to do crazy school run anymore.. but then I have them for the whole day wahhhh lol!Can’t them all X #PostFromTheHeart

  17. Crummy Mummy says:

    Goodness your mornings sound horrendous! It’s 4pm – 7pm I find the hardest #postsfromtheheart

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