Do Super-Heroes Ever Get a Day Off ? 

Does Spider-Man ever just lay in his web all day & eat nothing but deep-fried flies? Or does Batman see the Bat Sign in the sky, think sod it and go for a game of golf ? How about  Superman ?He is a working Super Hero so what comes first , saving the world from Lex Luther or getting his assignment in by deadline ?? I often feel like Wonder Women. By that I mean wondering what the Hell in doing ! Lack of sleep , hubby working away and no social life is making me want to turn to the dark side. The villain’s always have the cooler super powers.The modern Wonder Women (up until a couple of years ago) only had to juggle a high powered job , school runs, cleaning the house, childcare, washing clothes and cooking tea but now thanks to TV programmes like British Bake off & Kirsty’s Homemade Home we are now all in competition with each other to bake the best biscotti and upcycle old shit into Cath Kidston covered new shit . There just isn’t enough to time in the day !!  I think by now you can tell I am feeling the pressure of our Super Hero persona. I am in dire need of a night off but when recently I tried to arrange one with another mummy the only date that we could find thanks to visiting relatives , hubby’s golf trips & holidays was over a month away. Men never seem to have this problem ! My normal sanctity of peace is the gym where I go to 2-3 times a week for an hour , get on the Stair Master, watch YouTube videos and de-stress.But the last 2 times I have been and put Charley into the Crèche they have had to come and get me within minutes to say as she is  inconsolable. The guilt of leaving her crying  means I haven’t been in 2 weeks and also means she hasn’t left my side in 2 weeks.Throw on top of that hubby not being here , Harry being at home due to school holidays , high on super strong steroids for his asthma ( think Tiger on on speed) and a walking,talking , teething mini monster, it has all made me turn to my old pal’s & Super Heroes to all mummy’s  Mr J and Mr D to keep me company at night ( Just 2 glasses , honest 😉 ). Their super powers are better than any Marvel Character’s.They give me 1 whole hour of relaxation each night. I like to put the kids to bed , pour my pals into a glass and watch old episodes of British Bake Off  while eating  burnt Biscotti . It’s not quite a night off and the booze & biscuits are not  helping my waistline but for now this is my homemade sanctity of peace. (27 days and counting until i go out !!!!!!!! )



10 responses to “Do Super-Heroes Ever Get a Day Off ? ”

  1. Mad Mommy says:

    More often than not a glass of wine after bedtime is the only “alone” time we get. I found myself doing extra laps around the grocery store the other day for a few extra quite moments, and then felt guilty afterwards. Enjoy your night out when it finally comes. #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. Emma says:

    the worst is feeling guilty when we get a moments peace and quiet isn’t it. im sure you will get back to the gym at some point… thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofblog 🙂

  3. Oh it’s so hard isn’t it!! I never understood the “zombie parent” until I became one. You just so desperately crave a bit of space and peace and time on your own and away from zombie land where your super powers have just disappeared. Parenting really is hard going. They don’t say it’s the hardest most thankless job in the world for nothing hah! #fortheloveofblog

  4. Charlotte says:

    I know how you feel about the not enough hours but i’m one of those crafty upcycling mummies. I have no idea why I do as half way in i’m like WTF!!!
    Plus I have kids to look after, a house to run and now blogging lol…. What have I done

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      I have had about 5 meltdowns this week !! It doesn’t get any better does it. We all just want to be Super Mummies . Thanks for the comments X

  5. Anne says:

    Wow, aren’t mum’s amazing! Enjoy your drinks and remember you are super woman and keep on looking forward to your night out.

  6. I can relate to this! I don’t remember my last day off, although I have a weekend away to look forward to this weekend and I shall be milking my time off!! I hope you have a fab night out, you totally deserve it! #PostsFromTheHeart

  7. Daydreamer mum says:

    Oh I feel you!! Even the most super of superheroes need some time off!! I arranged a night away before Christmas and the thought of that has sort of kept me going (when I haven’t been whinging about having to wait) but it’s THIS WEEKEND!!!! Please please please don’t get I’ll or anything kids *touches wood* #PostsFromTheHeart

  8. Crummy Mummy says:

    I am most definitely a mombie most of the time – it will pass eventually though, won’t it?! #postsfromtheheart

  9. Michelle says:

    A glass of wine alone can be wonderful for the soul #postsfromtheheart

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