Friday Fashion – Teething Necklaces 


I love to wear necklaces and have lots of very fancy ones with tiny beads & charms on them. What I also have is a very grumpy,teething baby who loves chewing on my necklaces. Not a good combination if your not in the mood to do the Heimlich maneuver !! I had already been following Made By Millie Moo on Facebook because I loved the name ( I know a Millie-Moo ) and they make Über cool baby clothes. They posted a couple of days ago about a sale on their range of teething necklaces so I though I would buy one and at £2.39 it was a bargain. 


It turned up this morning and I have to say I love it . The necklace it’s self is quite long so I did make it a little shorter but it looked fab with my jeans & vest top and as I had to do the food shop I put Charley in the baby carrier and instead of her normal dummy to sooth her teething pain she happily chewed on the necklace. The beads are made from BPA approved Silicon so totally safe for babies and it has a snap fastening at the back so you can’t get chocked if your baby pulls it. I’m so impressed I’m going to order another one.

Do checkout their site as you will fall in love with everything .

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8 responses to “Friday Fashion – Teething Necklaces ”

  1. Mummyitsok says:

    This is such idea as I could never find where the little one had left the teething ring when we needed it again! #justanotherlinky

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      They are really stylish and at least if you have it around your neck you cant loose it. Thanks for the comments XX

  2. Claire says:

    Thanks for the bargin find. I’ve wanted one of these for ages but couldn’t justify the price tag. I’ve clicked straight over and bought my own. #justanotherlinky

  3. Themotherhub says:

    My kids are beyond teething but would still love one of these ! #brillblogposts

  4. Life as Mum says:

    My son will be teething in the next few months! Not looking forward to it but going to keep this product in mind! Stylish and sounds great!

    Thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      It also works for mums to bite down on when the kids are doing their heads in ! Cheaper than a bottle of wine and no hangover

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