My Little Flamingo

We have a picture on our wall with the words “Be a Flamingo in a flock of pigeons” and this perfectly sums up my son. From the second Harry was born we knew we had an entertainer on our hands. Full of energy, a smile that could melt ice and a very cheeky personality. Harry taught me how to be a mummy. I made more mistakes than I would have liked and at times felt like sending him off to live at the Zoo but there will always be a special bond between us. My little Flamingo starts school on Monday and even though he is more than ready to go I am going to miss him. We have spent the last 4 years on an adventure together, often getting lost, often knee high in mud but most importantly making memories together. I know on Monday Harry will fly off to school without any problems but my nest just won’t be the same without My Little Flamingo.






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  1. Sarah says:

    He’ll definately shake his tail feather X šŸ’™šŸ’™

  2. Themotherhub says:

    Ah good luck to you and your flamingo on Monday, I’m sure you’ve taught him to fly flamingos fly? #fortheloveofblog

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      He will be fine , me im not sure . I doubted myself with the Flying Flamingo’s but as per Google – Yes. When flamingos migrate, they like to do their flying mainly at night. They prefer to have a cloudless sky and favorable tailwinds. They can travel approximately 600 km (373 miles) in one night at about 50 to 60 kph (31-37 mph). You learn something every day. Thanks for commenting X

  3. Nige says:

    My four year old twins start school on Tuesday I’m sure he will be fine not so sure about the girls fab post #justanotherlinky

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      Thanks !! He’s only in for 2 hours but i bet his pristine new uniform is ruined by the time he comes back home. Thanks for commenting X

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Becci, it’s always good to be a little different and flamingos are much more interesting than pigeons! I hope Harry has a fab time at school.


    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      Thank you !! He gets his ‘ stand out from the crowd ‘ from his mum. Never one to hide in the background . Ha ha . Thanks for commenting X

  5. What lovely words for your little flamingo… I’m sure he’ll miss you too while he’s at school. #justanotherlinky

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      He’s only in for 2hrs on his first day so a quick play with some sand and paint and he will be back home. Bet his uniform will be ruined though !! Thanks for commenting X

  6. Good luck to your little one on his new adventure! Sounds so exciting and his school uniform looks awesome. Good luck to you as well mummy, I know it can be a big step #justanotherlinky

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      There are several big steps in the next 2 weeks , School for Harry , Nursery & 1st Birthday for Charley and back to work for me . Boo Hoo . Thanks for commenting XX

  7. Abi says:

    Goodness, I certainly have a flamingo amongst pigeons too! Nanna signed us all up for a photoshoot today (yuk!) and my Flamingo was straight in front of the camera, hamming it up and putting us all to shame. #justanotherlinky

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      Fab ! I love it. My dads a photographer and i have borrowed his fancy camera to do a photoshoot with both the kids. Its bound to go wrong . Thanks for the comments X

  8. Savannah says:

    Absolutely wonderful! I know Harry will enjoy his time at school, making other smile wherever he goes(: I know this must be a difficult transition for mom, but your little flamingo will do wonderfully! Thanks for sharing <3 #KCACOLS

  9. Tracey says:

    Good luck to both of you for Monday I’m sure yu little flamingo will have a fabulous time #kcacols

  10. I love this saying! I think my son is the same as yours – definitely the flamingo amongst the flock and I just adore him for it! Hope your little flamingo has a brilliant first week at school! #justanotherlinky

  11. Stephie C says:

    Aw bless. Hope he’s had a good day. Mine don’t go back until Wednesday, and I have to say it feels like a lifetime away at the moment. #justanotherlinky

  12. Geraldine says:

    Awh the best of luck little flamingo and more so to Mum! You’ll both do great#KCACOLS

  13. Awww that’s lovely. I hope he settles in and has a great time and you don’t miss him too much. My boy is 4 in October so we have a whole year yet. Thanks so much for linking with #KCACOLS. We hope you come back next week.

  14. Life as Mum says:

    Oh bless! Best of luck hope he had a fab day
    Thank you for linking up to #justanotherlinky

  15. The Pramshed says:

    This is lovely. Your little boy looks super proud to be going to school for the first time. All the best of luck, and good luck to you too. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  16. Siena Says says:

    Aw I remember the day I sent my eldest off to school and now she has just started high school! He sounds like a great little character, I’m sure he’s going to love school.


  17. Soppymum (Sara) says:

    Oh he looks so happy in his uniform. Hope he has been loving it and I hope you are ok too. Can imagine in a few years I’ll be in tears on the first day of school!!!

  18. Ah that is so lovely. He definitely looks very happy and I hope it went well. My eldest started school too and my nest feels empty too. Holly and I miss her and we are finding our feet with it all. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      Thank You. I am missing them both as Charley has started nursery but im not going to lie the peace & quiet is amazing and im starting to feel human again X

  19. I love that quote – it always puts a smile on my face. I hope it all went smoothly for you both – it all feels so far away for me but I know it’ll be here before I know it! Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      Thank you X Im just bringing trying to bring my kids up to have confidence and to never be scared to stand out in a crowd X

  20. claire says:

    This is sweet, I love that quote! x #sharingthebloglove

  21. Louise says:

    I hope he has been enjoying school, a lovely post #sharingthe bloglove

  22. What a fabulous quote I love it, I think my daughter is a Flamingo too! Hope he’s enjoying school he looks cute in his uniform. #Sharingthebloglove

  23. I love that quote! I will be homeschooling for a few years šŸ™‚ so I don’t have to worry about school just yet! That was a really lovely post šŸ™‚ #sharingthebloglove

  24. Bless he’s such a cheeky smiler! I know I will miss my boys too when they go off to school #Sharingthebloglove

  25. Good luck to him! I’m sure you’ll both be fine, good luck with the adjustment.

  26. I love this saying, he looks absolutely adorable in his uniform too! I hope he has settled in well. #sharingthebloglove

  27. Taryn says:

    Love that quote! hope he has settled in, my little lady has started school this year too and the nest doesn’t feel quite the same… #sharingthebloglove

  28. Alana - Burnished Chaos says:

    Love love love that quote! He looks so happy in his new uniform, hope he settled in well. X
    #SharingtheBlogLove #BrilliantBlogs

    • Alana - Burnished Chaos says:

      Sorry, visiting from #SharingtheBlogLove not #TheList (just been sharing other posts from there so got momentarily confused, oops) xx

  29. Marina Ilieva says:

    He is so cute and looks so happy! Good luck to your boy! šŸ™‚ #SharingtheBlogLove

  30. Roxanne says:

    Omg, he is absolutely adorable!! Lovely post xx

  31. Catherine says:

    I love that quote. I might have to steal it for my daughter. #Postsfromtheheart

  32. Crummy Mummy says:

    He looks very cheeky indeed! Never heard the flamingo saying before but like it! #postsfromtheheart

  33. That is an incredible quote, and a wonderful compliment to your son. After all, a flamingo is far more fun to be than a pigeon! I remember Number One starting school and feeling much the same, even now after the holidays end my nest always feels too empty x #PostsFromTheHeart

  34. Aw, I remember reading this when you first posted it. I bet he’s come on leaps and bounds in the time he’s been at school and you’ve adjusted to your new routine. We definitely need more flamingos and unicorns and encourage whatever our children want to be as long as they are just as accepting of other people and their aspirations – we certainly will be in our house anyway. #PostsFromTheHeart

  35. It was heart breaking when my youngest started and I honestly felt a bit lost going through the daily routine without him around. That did however pass rather quickly and the extra me-time and freedom are wonderful! Good luck! #PostsFromTheHeart

  36. Those are invaluable years, full of fabulous memories and shared experiences that will guarantee a lifelong bond. I hope he enjoys school, it is such an exciting time for him as well as you. #postsfromtheheart

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