Friday Fashion – The Return Of The Mummy Bun 

a hair bun

The 30 Second Hairdo

So it took the grand total of 3 days back at work for my freshly  quaffed hair to be douched in dry shampoo and pulled into a mummy bun. I feel like I have let my hairdresser down , myself down and most of all the dry shampoo is now falling down all over my dress adding a necklace of dandruff effect ! 

My 5 minute makeup routine has gone out the window too as on day 1 my eyes began itching and I broke out in angry spots ( obviously allergic to work 😉) so I now look like a spotty teenager trying to chair meetings.

I have managed to look nice this week though thanks to my new selection of work dresses and even walking in heels during the day hasn’t been to bad. Less Bambi on ice more The Incredible Hulk in a wedge heel.

Handbag wise the Michael Korrs lasted 1 day and has been substituted for a oversized bucket bag to house my laptop , 2 phones , flat shoes for walking from the train station, purse , lunch ,work diary ( you get the picture ) .

I think I was being a little too optimistic last week when I thought I could feed,wash,dress and get 2 kids to school /nursery and feed,wash,dress, apply makeup , do hair and get myself to work.

This week has definitely been a learning curve for me and apart from sleeping in my makeup & work clothes I’m never going to look like the fantasy ‘me’ I portrayed in last weeks fashion post. Oh well you live & learn . I can get a bit more creative with my mummy bun and once my face has healed I can add a bright lip and who knows the flaking dry shampoo necklace may start a trend ( NOT ) !!!

How did your 1st week at work go ? Was it a dream return or a total nightmare ? Leave me a comment


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7 responses to “Friday Fashion – The Return Of The Mummy Bun ”

  1. Lydia C. Lee says:

    You’ll be your fabulous fantasy you in no time!! Just needs to get on top of adjustment you first…#FortheloveofBLOG

  2. Ah my hair is in a constant state of mum bun! Your mornings sound incredibly busy, I’m sure your absolutely nailing it. I fear I would be in a right pickle!


  3. Ali Duke says:

    Once you get into a routine you will find your flow and find time to add some lippy etc. I couldn’t walk in heels, I’d have done myself a mischief by now lol.

  4. I love a mum bun! I find mornings a right stress. I do insist on having a shower, doing my hair and makeup though so there’s no wonder I get stressed is there? haha x #fortheloveofBLOG

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      I think work should start at 11 am so we would all have time to get up , have breakfast , take a shower and do our hair & makeup. X

  5. I used to never get the mumbun thing right but then I saw a video online of someone doing it and now Im obsessed. I actually really like them and think they can look quite chic! Probably kidding myself but oh well! Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x

    • The UnNatural Mother says:

      Mines more a lack of time and needing to look 1/2 done for the office. hair or makeup ? Makeup wins every time 🙂

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