Choosing the WRITE SIZE Pencil

WRITESIZE Pencil Range

WRITESIZE Pencil Range

While I was learning the art of being a blogger on Sunday at BlogOn I had the chance to meet with a few companies and chat about their new products. One of the companies I met was Small Man Media who represent a verity of brands but the one that caught my eye was WRITE SIZE who specialise in products to help children with their handwriting skills. I was kindly given a sample of their size appropriate pencils to try out. If you already follow my blog you will know that Harry has just started school and being one of the youngest in the year I sometimes worry that he’s a little behind with his writing skills. I struggle to get Harry to hold a pencil or practice writing at home so I thought we would road test the pencil designed for 2-6yr olds and see if it made any difference.

’’Our range of innovate pencils have been developed to help children learn and embed the correct writing techniques from an early age, preventing bad handwriting habits. WRITE SIZE pencils can help children of all abilities succeed whilst establishing strong foundations for success in education and work’’
drawing over squiggly lines

Practice Makes Perfect


Looping the Loops

As soon as Harry picked the pencil up he gripped it correctly instead of me having to prompt him to move his fingers. We started by filling in some lines on a spiders web in his work book and straight away I could see a difference. He was able to manoeuvre the pencil with ease and when we moved onto tracing over looping lines Harry was able to do so without taking the pencil off the page. Normally he would have had to stop and reposition his pencil 2-3 times. Harry’s arch nemesis in the alphabet is the letter ‘S’ as he struggles to follow the curve of the shape but as you can see from the below video Harry tackled 4 in a row with no problems.

The WRITE SIZE pencil definitely made a difference to Harry’s  handwriting and as it was more comfortable in his hand we where able to practice longer and tackle more complicated sequences. I was given the pencils as a gift and was not asked to review them but after seeing the difference they made to Harry’s handwriting I wanted to share our experience with you.We are now only using the WRITE SIZE pencils at home and I have requested he uses the range at school.If something as simple as changing a pencil can help your child learn to write then why not do it ?


Have you found any other products on the market that have helped your child’s school work ? Let me know in the comments below.


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