Quick and Easy Halloween Make-Up


With Halloween just over a week away and an invitation to a party on the night i thought i would look for some simple makeup ideas for the whole family. I love any excuse to crack open the face paints and with 2 little ones to use as my muses it should be a great afternoon getting ready for the party. Last year Charley was only 6 weeks old but i still dressed her up and we had a great hour trick or treating around the neighbourhood.

This year she will be woddeling around the dance floor and joining in all the fun. I want us all to dress up the same but i haven’t quite decided as what.Maybe a family of Zombie’s or even skeletons ??? Have you decided what you and the kids will be dressing up in ? Hopefully the  videos below will give you some inspiration.


Let me know what you think of the video’s and what you will be dressing up in this year.




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