Kids Fashion – Autumn Primark Haul

With the cold weather upon us and 2 growing children, it was time for a trip to Primark to pick up some new clothes for both Harry & Charley. Harry is now at school and was in need of some more age appropriate items. The joggy bottoms and dinosaur t-shirts that he wore to nursery where now ‘ not cool ‘ so it was time for an update. Charley is 14 months and toddling around so she needed some more cold weather clothing ready for being fully mobile. I love Primark for many reasons ( cheap being the 1st ) but also as it has everything under 1 roof and i can go and get all the clothes for both kids in 1 trip. Take a look at everything i purchased on the day and hopefully, it may give you some inspiration for your next trip . If you enjoy the VLOG then don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment. If you would like to see more of my VLOG’s then subscribe to my channel. Happy Watching !!!!!

I hope you enjoyed watching my Primark Haul VLOG . It’s only my 2nd VLOG Ekkk !!!

Let me know where you like to get your kids clothes from.



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3 responses to “Kids Fashion – Autumn Primark Haul”

  1. kate says:

    Very professional!!! And now I want to go to Primark 😊 x

  2. The UnNatural Mother says:

    Thanks Kate !! I just need to find the time to get me some new clothes.

  3. I love a Primark Haul! Thanks for linking up to #youtubesunday

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