Why Christmas Eve is My Favourite Day of the Year






Christmas Eve is always a busy day for us but filled with pure magic and excitement.It’s the preparation for the big event but every step is another treasured moment. In no particular order here are the 10 things that make our Christmas Eve my favourite day of the year.

  1. It’s the only day I don’t mind cleaning the house as I want everything to be perfect.
  2. All cosied up in our matching P.Js. It used to be cheesy now Uber cool for the whole family to look like 4 Christmas puddings.
  3. Plating up Father Christmas’s ‘welcome food’. Tonight’s platter to include a selection of sandwiches, crisps, biscuits & glass of milk ( no alcohol as we don’t condone drink driving)
  4. The only 1 true tradition we have and the most magical. Standing in our front garden and watching Father Christmas (also known as the International Space Station) move through the sky. It’s a noisy tradition as we make lots of noise shouting and banging things so Father Christmas can hear us 🙂
  5. We make and sprinkle Reindeer food on the front path. After seeing a post by the RSPB we only use porridge oats and edible glitter so not to harm any birds.
  6. Church. Though we are not overly religious and we do attend church occasionally and tonight, Harry & I will be going to the Christingle service to sing our hearts out.
  7. Christmas Eve tea is party food of every description and ice cream by the bucket. Mummy & Daddy enjoy a festive cocktail and the monsters are treated to a festive mocktail complete with umbrellas and fancy straws.
  8. Watching Elf. Always a joy even in the heat of July but on Christmas Eve watching Elf is the ultimate way to get into the Christmas spirit (along with Prosecco)
  9. Saying goodbye to Mr Elf. He will depart for the final time to the North Pole tonight taking with him a packed lunch, thank you letter and a new jumper to keep him warm.
  10. And finally ………. The arranging of the presents (obviously when the kids are sleep).The arranging of the presents is a 3 drink minimum and looks more like a work of art by the time we have finished.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our day ahead. What will you be doing today ?



2 responses to “Why Christmas Eve is My Favourite Day of the Year”

  1. Donna says:

    Christmas eve is one of my favourite days too – but until reading this I didn’t realise or appreciate it enough. Thanks lovely, hope you had a great Christmas x

  2. Mummy Times Two says:

    I could not agree more, I love Christmas Eve, all that excitement and expectation x

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