My Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wish List

I am turning 35 tomorrow and after 12 months of watching my pennies while on Maternity Leave, I am looking forward to treating myself to a few luxury items. It does the soul good to go shopping once in a while and resist the instinct to spend all your money on things for the kids or the house. So here’s my Birthday Wish List………….

Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose Champagne – What Birthday is complete without a nice bottle of bubbly? My favourite is Veuve Rose but I wouldn’t say no to a nice bottle of Cristal if my hansom husband had a good week at the office. Champagne whatever the cost always makes me feel fancy and I have fond memories of moving into our 1st flat at age 20 eating baked beans on toast ( all we could afford ) and drinking the 20 bottles of champagne we received as moving in presents.

Mulberry Handbag – I may dress head to toe in Primark but I love my designer handbags. When I was in my teens I enjoyed rocking a Turkish knock-off but as soon as I could afford the real thing my monthly wage was spent in Selfridges building up my collection. My bags now have to be big enough to house nappies & wipes & spare clothes but I still get a thrill from unboxing my latest find and from the fresh smell of the leather.

Converse Trainers – Before kids, i would have added a picture of a nice pair of  Christian Louboutin’s to my wish list, but let’s face it I don’t go out that much to justify the cost ( plus they are the most uncomfy shoes in the world ). My staple shoe as a mummy is a nice Converse trainer.Above everything else, they are my favourite present to receive and I love styles that are a little bit different. These gold Converse are perfect for me as while my day outfit of jeans & T-shirt maybe a little boring my feet are blinging it up.

Body Shop – Drops of Youth  Liquid Peel – I am a huge fan of Body Shop’s range of skin care and truly credit the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter for helping clear up my post-natal acne. I also swear by the Drop’s of Youth range to fend off the sign’s of ageing so I am excited to use the new Liquid Peel.It promises to ‘leave a fresh, smoother and more luminous youthful-looking skin’ . Let’s face it couldn’t we all do with peeling a few years of partying off our skin?

Selfridges Gift Card – Some people hate getting gift cards from people as presents and think it’s an unimaginative choice but I think they are a great idea. There is nothing worse than getting a gift from someone you don’t like and feel rude returning. Selfridges is a big pick & mix to me and there is never a day I can’t find something to spend my lovely vouchers on. If any come my way this year I will be off to the Charlotte Tilbury counter to invest in her lovely makeup.

Selfish Mother Clothing – Just like my converse trainers I collect T-shirts & jumpers from Selfish Mother. Not only are they über cool with their tongue in cheek slogans but last year proceeds from the clothing range raised over £313K for female & children’s charities. I think the ‘Faking It ‘  T-shirt sums up my life at the moment but if anyone feels like I deserve the ‘Super Mum‘ jumper then I would gracefully accept it.

What would be on your Birthday Gift List? Would a full nights sleep be enough for you or do you yearn for a Hermes handbag?

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  1. LOVE those gold converses! I have sooo many converses but no shiny ones! I may have to change that ;D

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