Welcome back and thanks to everyone who posted in week 6 of #postsfromtheheart.My 3 favourites from last week all centre around children and hospital. Both Victoria & I have experienced stays in hospital with our children and these 3 post literally made me cry.

To start off with we have Laura from Five Little Doves who talks about the struggles she has had with her middle daughter. Megatron – The ”Transformation ”   is a great post which I am sure most of us can relate to.Is our child different or do they have a medical issue? Why are they not normal ? Laura put an uplifting twist on this post which leaves you thinking hours after reading it.

The next two posts are on a similar theme but both so well written they each needed a mention. Both Rachel’s & Hayley’s babies fell critically ill and had to have safe saving treatment in hospital. Rachel’s post Autumn and the Ovarian Cyst is an emotional post that shares most mum’s worst fear of your 2-week old needing surgery.It was like watching a blockbuster film reading Rachels post as I was gripped to my seat reading the twists and turns of her daughter’s stay in the hospital. Hayley’s post A Picture Says a Thousand Words ( which is a guest post on Mrs Mummy Harris’s blog) hit home to me in a very personal way. I too had a sick baby who at first Doctor’s dismissed as nothing wrong and then within 24 hours was on life support. I felt real empathy with this post and Hayley’s account of the event really brought home my own experience.

A very emotional week all around. The shares in Andrex tissues and Gordon’s Gin must have peaked this week as I have spent hours reading all the post and crying out loud.Good job my hubby works away !!!

Thanks again for linking up and I hope to see you all again in today’s #Postsfromtheheart.



  1. Oh it’s so emotional when your children are poorly. My son was very unwell as a baby so these posts are sure to make me sob too xx I do love this linky so am off to make a coffee and settle down for an hour to do some gorgeous reading #postsfromtheheart xx

  2. Thank you for featuring my guest post!! It is so nice to know that the series is doing just what I wanted and reaching out to let others know they arent alone in their experiences. I am so happy Hayley’s little one is better. I blubbed too! #PostsFromTheHeart

  3. Thank you for featuring my post, I found writing it very difficult but cathartic.

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