Posts From The Heart Week 7 – Favourites

Welcome back to #PostsfromtheHeart and this weeks 3 favourites. It was great to read some new blogs this week and we have some men joining us too !! I really like reading dad blogs as you get a different perspective of the parenting journey. Talking of dad bloggers this week’s 1st favourite is from Deaf Daddy’s Blog.

Like Father,Like Son  – A great heartfelt post that would touch a nerve with anyone who has any type of disability and condition and expecting a baby.We all worry if our child will be healthy but to worry if they will be deaf too much has been a burden throughout the pregnancy.

An Open letter to My 13yr Old  – I think this letter should be given to every 13yr old on their Birthdays. My particular favourite bit of advice is ‘ don’t be an asshole’. I think if we tell kids this at 13 then we wouldn’t  have so many assholes wandering the world as we do now. Brilliant writing style and very entertaining.

Motivation Monday #12 – Be Nice  – I really liked the simple message this post gives. Just be nice and nice things will happen to you.Think before you react and a bad situation can be turned around. I felt motivated to be nice after I read this post ( until the kids spilt jeans on the sofa ! )

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3 responses to “Posts From The Heart Week 7 – Favourites”

  1. Off to read the letter! I wonder if I will do the same for Baba! So happy to join your linky for the first time! #PostsFromTheHeart

  2. Another fab selection! Off to read the letter, my eldest turns 13 in April, I worry about the teenage years! #postsfromtheheart xx

  3. im off to read the letter to the 13 year old – a fab roundup again! #PostsFromTheHeart

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