#PostsFromTheHeart Favourites Week 12

Welcome back to week 13 of Posts From The Heart. I have been enjoying a short blogging break so I can pack my house up ready to move house shortly. I can’t wait to move into the house we have been saving up to live in for 5 years but it’s been very emotional sorting through all the kid’s old clothes & toys and sending it all off to the charity shop.I have finally made my peace with stopping at 2 children so I am looking forward to regaining a bit of my old social life now Charley is 18 months old.It’s a bit of a bittersweet pill to come to terms with but in the end, I decided that my family was complete and my yearning for a 3rd child was more hormonal than an actual desire to extend our family. When did you decide that your baby would be your last one? Did you also feel a little sad or did you jump for joy straight after the birth?

Last week’s favourites all tucked at my heart strings. Each very personal and each with a message to tell.

Up 1st is My First Mothers Day from Laura at Autumn’s Mummy. The 1st Mothers Day is always the most memorable & special and what a lovely idea to do hand prints of the 4 generations of ladies.

Up next is Rainbows Are Too Beautiful with How My Autistic Son Says He Is Already Like A Power Ranger. This one took my breath away all I want to do is give Anthony a big cuddle and send him off to the Power Ranger Premier with front row tickets.He will always be the red Power Ranger to me. I think we can all learn a lesson from Anthony’s quote “I’m not the same as everyone else and it can be difficult sometimes, but I’m still best when I’m myself” 

And finally the lovely Kat from Confessions Of A Working Mum with Hope Not Hate . A great post about how it’s our responsibility as parents to show our children to love their fellow-man, not be prejudice and the need to embrace diversity. This is simply a wonderful message.


Choose one ( or all ) of the above and leave them a special comment.



3 responses to “#PostsFromTheHeart Favourites Week 12”

  1. Jo says:

    Soe interesting choices #postsfromtheheart

  2. Anne says:

    When I had my first two I always longed for another, but the broodiness does wear off eventually and as the children grow and you gain back some freedom you feel more comfortable with your choice. But, I split with my first husband and met someone else when my kids were teens. My new guy wanted children so we tried again and I ended up having 3 more!! We only wanted two children and the third was a surprise. I knew as soon as he was born that I would never ever have any more children and felt quite satisfied with that! I mean five kids is enough! Plus, I was in my mid forties!

  3. i agree with all three of these being fab posts! Loved confessions of a working mums post – definitely need more hope in life! #PostsFromTheHeart

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