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Welcome back to Posts From The Heart Week 14 and I hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I was off from my day job last week to spend 1/2 term with Harry and boy has he kept me busy. We have been everywhere together. My favourite day was on Friday when we went to Blackpool Tower and to see the Circus. I have lived in Blackpool on and off for 35 years and I have never been to the top of the tower or to see the Circus . I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting Blackpool this summer. What have you been doing with your week?

This week 3 favourites are 3 totally different subjects but all tie in together nicely.

First up is Confessions Of a Crummy Mummy with 5 Ways to Rock Being a Working Mummy .It has taken me a while to get back into the swing of being back at work after MAT leave but I’m slowly getting there. I totally agree a new outfit, some war paint and a new hairdo will make even the meek & mildest of us into Margaret Thatcher.

Next up is Day Dreams of a Mum with Littlest Girl, I will miss this. After having such a great week with Harry i will miss him so much next week and part of me wants to freeze him in time. He’s at that lovely independent stage but he still needs me for cuddles & kisses and before we know it all our babies will be grown up.

And finally from Intrepid Bebe with No News is Good News , Why I Believe  Dumping Mainstream Media Worked For Me . I stopped reading the papers and watching the news months ago as it was just so depressing. Of course, I care what is going on in the world the media always focus on the dark/bad days and never the joyous occasions that happen in the world daily.

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6 responses to “Posts From The Heart Favourites #13”

  1. Jo says:

    Thanks for featuring my post, interesting to find many people seem to feel the same #postsfromtheheart

  2. I’ll miss my little one – she’ll be full time in education in Sept and I’m gutted. I’ve loved our mornings together, as she has pre-school in the afternoon, and I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to spend them with her in this last term before the summer holidays and I lose her to school all day.

  3. My youngest turns 1 today. Time flies so fast 🙁 And the world is so scary at the moment, I wish I could change it fro my kids #PostsFromTheHeart

  4. oooo im gonna go check these out! thanks for hosting #PostsFromTheHeart

  5. Helena says:

    I’ve not been to the circus for what feels like ages. Two years ago has gone fast! Great to read you’ve done so much together. #PostsFromTheHeart

  6. Crummy Mummy says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my post! I hope it helps some mums get their mojo back! #postsfromtheheart

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