Review: Bath Time Fun With Vital Baby

Bath time toys by Vital baby

Bath time in our house is a very precious time.Between the hours of 6 a.m and 6.30p.m Tuesday – Saturday my life is one big rush with feeding, dressing, dropping off, driving to, driving from, picking up and feeding again. But when we reach the glorious time of 6.30p.m all the rushing stops and it’s bath time for the kids. For 1/2 hour I ignore the phone, put down my laptop and enjoy uninterrupted time with my angels. Bath time for us is more than an end of day washing of limbs it’s a time when we sing, read stories and play. Harry & I talk about his day and anything new he has learnt and then he assists me with teaching Charley different colours and animal names. Learning needs to be fun so I always make sure to have some great bath toys as props to use while we talk.The lovely people at Vital Baby recently sent me their Vital Baby Swim Rings & Vital Baby Float& Slide to use as part of our bath time routine and we have had great fun using them. We use the Vital Baby Swim Rings by connecting each ring together ( practising hand to eye coordination) and for matching each animal to the corresponding coloured ring. Once we have done this we then count all the rings and animals. As the rings connect and disconnect easily from each other this is also great for practising simple adding and subtracting. On a side note, the rings can also be used by your husband to teach you the offside rule !!!  I am in love with the Vital Baby Float & Slide as it comes with 2 very cute surfer dude ducks and I use this bath toy as a reward for a correct answer. Each time Harry or Charley gets a question right they get to send a duck down the slide. First one to five gets to choose the bedtime story.

Both products are good quality and made from safe BPA, latex and phthalate free materials which is very important when you have teething little one who chews on everything in her reach.Both products are perfect for Harry (4yrs) & Charley-Rose (18mth) and though the excitement of new bath toys saw a fight over who played with what first, they soon settled with Harry helping Charley to put the animals on the rings then taking turn with sending the ducks down the slide.I think both products are correctly priced with the Vital Baby Swim Rings  at £9.99 and the Vital Baby Float & Slide at £5.99. The only downside (not really) is the toys can also be used as water squirters , so by 7 p.m each night I am normally soaking wet thanks to the end of bath water fight. I would highly recommend both products and as you can see by the pictures both kids love their Vital Baby bath toys.

Check out Vital Baby’s full range of baby products at or selected items available at Boots , M&S , Mammas & Papas , Mothercare and John Lewis.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s review. What is your favourite time of day with your kids and what do you like to do with your time with them? Comment below


*As mentioned these products were sent to me by Vital Baby for the purpose of the review but all my thoughts and opinions are my own.


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