#PostsFromTheHeart Favourites Week 15

Hello and welcome back to week 15 of Posts From The Heart. This week has been manic with the big move so not a huge amount of blogging has gone on but now I have a whole room in my house dedicated to blogging/vlogging I am sure I will be back up to speed soon.

To move onto this weeks favourites which all brought a tear to my face

Music For The Soul – Mum Making Lemonade – I love ready posts on acts of kindness as it makes me feel like there is still good people out there that really care. This also much have been such a proud moment for mum too.

5 Tips For Coping With Separation Anxiety – Kids Versus Copy  – I know there will be some tears tomorrow when Harry is back at school and Charley at Nursery. Separation anxiety whether it’s the child or the parent is the worst and this post has some great coping strategies.

Are Young Parents Bad Parents? – Autumns Mum – I don’t think there is any age group that makes being a mummy easier.We all feel like people are watching & criticising our parenting skills.Nice to hear the story of a ‘newish’ younger mum.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s favourites. Remember to pick your favourite and give them some love in their comment box.


2 responses to “#PostsFromTheHeart Favourites Week 15”

  1. I didnt read these but will pop back at lunch to take a peek! #PostsFromTheHeart

  2. Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful says:

    Great picks, I love most things mum making lemonade does. Xxx

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