Hello and welcome back to an another week of Posts From The Heart. Last week was a very long and stressful week so I am glad of the Bank Holiday to have a relax. I am in need of a change but I am not quite sure what needs to be changed. Have you ever felt like that ? Like you know something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on it ?  It’s such an unsettling feeling but maybe it’s a sign. Hopefully if it is a sign it will start glowing very brightly as i dont like feel like this !!!

Onto this weeks favourites ….. starting off with ……..

Why I Lie To My Grandad  by Mum Making Lemonade. This is a lovely post and in some shape or form, we have all agreed with our  Grandparents when they haven’t quite got what we are talking about. It is very sweet as this post is also about not losing hope and from her grandad’s view never giving up on a miracle.

Car Maintenance Tips To Avoid Breakdown  – by Autumn’s Mummy. This post is going to be one that I have and keep on my desktop. How many of us can put our hands up and say they know how to change our car oil or change an air filter? Yeh, not many. I love this step by step guide and demo and why pay a man to go it at the garage when we can now do it ourselves !!

Pre-School Here We Come – By Devon Mum. I can totally relate to sending your child off for the 1st time to pre-school and feeling heartbroken. You know it will be good for them but you are terrified in case they don’t cut his toast like he like it or if he cry’s his favourite song is ‘ Dingle, Dangel Scarecrow ‘. At some point, during the course of Motherhood we have to hand our children over to what we feel are total strangers and hope for the best, but still, that doesn’t make it any easier.

Please pick 1 or all of the above and show it some LOVE with an extra lovely comment on the blogger own page.

I hope you all have a good week and enjoy today’s Bank Holiday 🙂




  1. This is a really good collections again! thank you for hosting #PostsFromTheHeart

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