Hello and welcome back to week 18 of Posts From The Heart. The sun has been shining, the BBQ has been brought out for the 1st time this year and here’s hoping this is the sign of a great summer ahead of us. I have been enjoying decoration my house and meeting my new neighbours. Its very posh where we live so God knows what the neighbours think of the Clampits moving in . Ha ha. We are also now less than 2 weeks away from Blog On. Hands up if you are going? Have you been before? My post this week is all about what to expect at your 1st Blog On and how to get the most out of the day. If it is your 1st time then give it a read and whatever you do don’t forget your family sizes suitcase. Victoria & I will both be attending so if you fancy having a quick catch up or need someone to walk in with leave a comment below and i will arrange. It would be lovely to meet as many of you and put a face to a name.

On to last week’s favourites ……..

I’m fine ( I’m Not Fine )  by It’s a Tink Thing  –  How many times a week do we say this ? Trying to get your child a good education is hard enough without your child having addition needs that require additional assistance which you have to fight for. Like Kel says in the post sometimes it’s easier to skim over the subject that actually says what’s on your mind for fear people’s reactions.

Dear Joseph – By Joseph and His Amazing Spectrum Coat  – A very raw, very honest letter from Tina to her son Joseph about how she found it hard to bond with him at birth. I don’t like to hear of anyone struggling with bonding with their child but life isn’t all unicorns and lollipops and reading Tina’s letter put my life into perspective.

Making a Tiny Bit of Time Mummy’s – By Rainbows Are Too Beautiful  – Everyone of us can empathise with this post. It’s a good day for me if I can get out the house with my teeth brushed and my hair brushed. We all know it’s important to have some ‘me’ time but actually getting to do it is a different story!

Pick one of the above ( or all ) and give them a special comment on the Bloggers site.

I hope to as many of you as I can at Blog On next Sunday




  1. Thanks for including me – this is a fab selection again, I love each one of these blogs/bloggers.

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