Anyone who has been in my presence for the last few weeks with know I have been feeling very sorry for myself with the stress of moving and Charley refusing to sleep. Add the general  strains of daily life and I have been sulkier than a teenage boy. So to try to get my Mojo back I decided to accept the nomination from Beth at Life As Mum and write down the Ten Things That Make Me Happy. Here goes ………

  1. My Babies – They may have aged me by 20 years, ruined a pair of perfectly enhanced bosoms and cost me the Earth in plastic eggs but they are mine and they are perfect. Harry is 5 going on 15 and has more energy than the Duracell Bunny but no one can make me laugh like Harry can. As for Charley who is prime to be the Scrum-Half for the England Ladies Rugby Team. She is as graceful as a Hippo on ice skates, put more food in her hair than her mouth and take no prisoners in the fight to get her into bed at night, but she is my girl and after a bit of a rough start to life she is my heart & soul.
  2. My Husband –  Yes, there are definitely times I look at him sleeping soundly with his earplugs in while I have just got up for the 5th time with a screaming child or turning up from a night out at 6 am when I am clearing Coco Pops up off the floor but I would be lost without him.Who else would sneak tins of G&T into hospital along with a wedge of brie & crusty bread to reward me after each birth ?
  3. My Blog – For the 1st time in a long time I have something that is mine and mine alone.It’s a cheap form of therapy and unlike other forms of therapy it doesn’t give you a hangover, you can’t get pregnant by doing it and there is no need to hide 25 shopping bags from your husband. My Blog makes me happy and has given me a new career goal to aim for. Success or failure this blog is a little piece of me.
  4. Sunshine – I am a total flower and bloom in the sun. The 1st beams of sunlight and I am up and ready to start the day. I can easily lay in the sun soaking up the rays all day but once it’s gone down or it starts to get cold, I am back indoors wrapped up in a blanket.
  5. Dancing – Of any sort. I trained in ballet from the age of  2-21 so whenever I hear classical music I always get the urge to pirouette around the room or bust out a move from Swan Lake. I also love a good rave and if I could still get away with popping out in white fluffy boots, glow in the dark makeup and pipe cleaners in my hair I would.
  6. Cake – I’m not a fussy cake eater. I could easily eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is such thing as Pudding Clubs and this place Three Ways House Hotel would be my idea of a perfect date.
  7. The Seaside – Blackpool may not have the beaches of Barbados but there is some type of simple happiness to sitting on the prom in the sun, eating a bag of chips and looking out over the sea.A day at the beach is always filled with fun  & happy memories.
  8. My new house – Yes, I know it’s slightly big-headed of me but it’s taken 5 long years of saving to buy this house and it makes me happy. It makes me happy my babies now have a huge garden to play in and that finally I can invite people over and feel proud of what Lee & I have achieved.
  9. Paddle Boarding – I am not a very sporty person but I am a huge fan of paddle boarding. So far I have only ever done it on a big lake in Blackpool but I can’t wait for the day I take a board out on a beautiful blue sea off some exotic island.
  10. Silence – I’m sure a lot of you will be with me on this one. I love the noise of happy, giggling children but I also love silence. The type of silence you only get at 2 am when everyone in the house is fast asleep ( hopefully). I tend to do a lot of writing in the middle of the night as it’s the only time I don’t get interrupted for endless requests for drinks & snacks  ( and that’s just my husband ! )  I can see why Monks take a vow of silence , it’s so therapeutic and very healing after a long day at the office and looking after noisy kids.


I hope reading this has given you 5 minutes peace from the noise of the World. Let me know in the comments below what makes you happy ( apart from Gin )

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6 responses to “10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY”

  1. Mama Grace says:

    This is lovely. My husband brought me a gin and tonic too! A house to bring up a family in is a tremendous thing and congratulations on making that for your children. #PostsFromTheHeart

  2. This is really lovely. Am having an anxiety ridden morning and just sitting reading someone elses happy things has made me feel quite calm!!!With you on silence!!#postsfromtheheart

  3. Nicola says:

    Yes yes yes to cake…so many problems can be solved with cake! And I love the sun too…everything is just better in the sunshine 🙂 #postsfromtheheart

  4. I am so the same! If it’s sunny ,I am happy, but when the sun goes in I’ve got the heating cranked back up! My husband always tells me that I’m a reptile, haha! #postsfromtheheart

  5. Mummy Times Two says:

    I love this post, hopefully Charlie has been sleeping a bit better this week. Looking forward to eating lots of cake with you tomorrow and setting the world to rights. #PostsFromTheHeart

  6. Crummy Mummy says:

    Such a nice positive post – love it! #postsfromtheheart

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