Decorating The New House – Part 1 – Decorating Charley’s Room for less than £10

We are finally unpacked and now it’s time to start decorating !!! We have moved into a new build so there is no need to crack open the paint pots but we still wanted to put our own stamp on our forever home. After spending nearly £4,000 on flooring and blinds we needed to watch the pennies. I started with Charley’s room as she was the one I needed to feel settled and in a routine. After a couple of hours scouring Pinterest and YouTube for ideas, I decided to use Harry’s old  bed canopy from Ikea ( not stocked anymore ) and go with a bright colour scheme more fitting for a nearly 2-year-old. Her old room at the previous house was decorated in a classic pink nursery theme and I wanted something more fun where she can enjoy playing with her toys. I found this wall sticker on eBay for £8.99 and the small blue clouds I added came as a freebie.As you will see from the video they were easy to apply and the whole thing took less than 15 minutes. I hope this video gives you some inspiration for updating your home .


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