Everyone Needs Some Support From DW Sports – Sports Bra Review


Becci wearing a DW Sports Bra

If like me you have an ample chest and you want to get into running or keeping fit then before picking your trainers or fancy gym gear, you need to invest in a  good supportive sports bra (or two ) to strap those bad boys down.You already know I am a keen runner and there is nothing worse than bra wires sticking in you or your boobs bouncing up and down like a scene out of Baywatch. Like all of my underwear, I am a firm believer in a good foundation garment to shape your figure. This classic white Shock Absorber sports bra from DWSports does what it says, It absorbs the shock but it hugs your boobs and doesn’t squash them down like pancakes.I often wear sports bra’s instead of underwired ones on my days out with the kids. All that bending & lifting kids in and out of the car and running around after 2 little monkeys is a workout in its self.

DW Sport running workout clothes


I find the Shock Absorber fits perfectly under a racer backed vest top so no awkward bras straps sticking out or a boob popping out of your strapless bra when you have to chase your 1-year-old around the duck pond. To really style up your outfit I like to add a bright bralette over the top of my Shock Absorber mainly to brighten my mood and motivate me to run. I choose this lime green Adidas TechFit bra also from DWSports to compliment the rest of my running gear and for a little extra support. The TechFit could be worn on it’s own for less strenuous activities like Yoga or mat exercise and does have a high level of support but for me, i find the combination of the TechFit bralette & Shock Absorber sports bra a perfect fit for my needs.To put it in plain terms it’s like a big pair of Spanks under you Hervé Léger dress. I love the selection of sports bra’s that DW Sports offer and there is a bra perfect for every boob size. Both the Shock Absorber and the Adidas TechFit are firm favourites in my running kit and it means I can concentrate on beating my PB every time I hit the pavement. Now that summer is here I will be updating my running kit for more breathable materials and will definitely to purchasing again from DW Sports. I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration to get out in the sunshine and enjoy some exercise and looking good while keeping fit is always a bonus.

** This post is in collaboration with DW Sports and the sports bra’s were sent to me in return for an honest review. All my thoughts and opinions are my own **


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