A Picture of the Fajitas from the Everdine subscription box

The last 2 months have been manic and things don’t seem to be slowing down. I have a problem with running myself into the ground and not looking after my body so it was no surprise that last week I totally lost my voice and got stuck down with a chest infection. Working long days in a big office and spending hours a week on trains I am never too far away from someone with the lurgy. By the time I have got home bathed and put the kids to bed the last thing on my mind is cooking. This is where Everdine came to my rescue. I was asked if I would like to review their Clean & wholesome gourmet meal subscription service so I jumped at the chance. The food is delivered in special insulated boxes so it keeps all the contents frozen and though there was a lot of packing it comes with a leaflet to show how every part of the delivery can be recycled. The portion sizes looked nice and big and the instructions for cooking was straight forward. Grab from the freezer pull back a bit of the lid and then stick in the microwave for the suggested time.Price wise the box retails at £55.20 but Everdine has given me a discount code for my readers to receive £25 off their 1st box. If you are interested click here.

The Chilli from the Everdine box

Here are the 8 meals i choose for my box – 

Smokey Chicken Fajitas – This was my favourite dish of the selection. The chicken was juicy and I  loved the smokey sauce. This would be perfect for a Saturday night with a cheeky glass of wine.

Sea Bream Thai Green Curry – The seabream portion was a good size and even though it had been microwaved the fish still had a good texture and the Thai Green Curry sauce was a great accompaniment with a subtle taste and not over powering.

Pulled Beef Ragu Spaghetti – This was the one dish I was worried I may not like. The only dish I can cook like a pro is Spag Bol and I wasn’t sure if this would disappoint me or not. I was totally wrong as instead of mince the pulled beef gave the dish a new twist and the flavour was rich and wholesome.

Paneer & Sweet Potato Kofte Biryani – This was an amazing tasting curry and it felt like a take away from a very posh restaurant. The only downside and sorry for TMI is it gave me really bad wind so maybe don’t eat this if you know the next day you are going to be in a meeting for 3 hours in a very small room.

Coconut Katsu Chicken – This made a delicious lunch on the go and the flavour was enough to make it feel authentic and not sickly like some coconut based dishes. The portions were big and a great size for lunch.

Cajun Blackened Salmon – This was a lovely dish and very summery. Full of flavour and something diffrent to eat at lunch instead of a sandwich.

BBQ Pulled Pork With Boston Beans – This was another meal where it felt naughty eating it and the tasted was out of this world. This would be a great meal to eat after a hard day at work / with the kids as it gave a real satisfying feeling after finishing it.

My opinion – I was really pleasantly surprised by Everdine and they totally overachieved on my expectations of a food delivery service. Every meal was well presented, tasty and most importantly filling. I had though I may need to add a salad or side dish to the meal the portion size was perfect to fill you up and make you feel like you had eaten a good meal. They are well packaged and easy to transport if you want to take them to work for a speedy lunch. For anyone on the go like me I would highly recommend Everdine as not only are you going to have a meal within 10minutes, you are going to be eating clean wholesome food.

Here’s the link again to receive £25 discount off your 1st delivery. Click Here


*** Disclaimer I was invited to review the Food Delivery Service By Tornado in return for an honest review of their service. All my thoughts and opinions are my own ***



  1. Donna says:

    I love the look of these meals – such great variety! I love a meal box, it’s just so convenient x

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