Hello, July and the second half of the year !! Anyone else still has Christmas presents from last year still sat in gift bags? They say time flys when you are having fun and things are definitely getting a lot more fun. I am on the final countdown to finishing my day job and while I am sad to leave my colleagues I am more than excited to start my new career in Social Media Management. With the decision to quit my day job has come  a very difficult decision to take Charley out of nursery to save money. I joke in this weeks blog post that i dont know what i am going to do at home with a very grumpy nearly 2 year old but in truth i dont. It is going to be an ajustment for all of us. One that will work out in the end but it’s going to be hard work.

To get onto this weeks favourites ………

A Letter To My Dad On Fathers Day –  This is truly heartbreaking for me as I am so close to my dad and couldn’t imagine not seeing him. Also to endure physical & mental abuse from your step mum is so sad.

Gregs Hospital Stay #4  – It’s scary how ill kids can get so quickly and even more scray when you dont know whats going on. Both kids have been admitted to hospital in the last 2 years and the feeling of being hopeless while your babies are laying there can be very hard. I’m glad the Little Man is better now.

How NOT to do a life story – I had never even heard of a life story but such an interesting read. Adoption is still a very taboo subject and not a huge amount is written about it.Good g=for you for writing this post. Also, your SW Sounds like she needs some retraining quickly.


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