The D.I.T.L Of A Stroller – The Joie Nitro – Honest Review


The Joie Nitro Stroller

One month and counting and we are off on our Holly-bobs to Tenerife. Our poor old stroller was ready for retirement after 5 years of hard labour so it was time to get on the internet and search for a new one. With my impending change of career and soon to be a lack of funds, my budget for a new stroller had to be within £60.00. I have always admired the Joie brand and really like the style of the Nitro stroller so decided to go ahead and order it. Delivery was really quick and was the stroller with me within 48 hrs of placing the order and assembly took me no longer than 10 minutes. The Nitro Stroller looked great and Charley liked sitting in it but the proof is in the pudding, how would it fair on a busy day out.

A Day In The Life Of A Stroller – Road Test

8.15 – Get both kids in the car and put bags & stroller in the boot. My boot isn’t the biggest but the Nitro lays flat perfectly.

8.30 – Get both kids out of the car and stick my foot on the back pedal of the Nitro and stroller pops open. Throw Harry’s backpack & book bag under the stroller and walk to school, manoeuvring easily around small feet and animals.

8.50 – Watch Harry go to class and then walk back to the car. Push puddle up on the stroller and watch it fold down quickly. Throw it back in the boot and off to the local farmers market to stock up on fruit & veg.

9.30 – Arrive at the market, spring stroller back up, stick shopping bags in the basket and have a walk about. Buy far too much fruit & veg, a loaf of fancy bread for £4 ( ??? )  and a large Victoria sponge. Panic like mad that you will have to try to steer the stroller with one hand while holding the Victoria sponge in the other and then realise that the basket under the stroller is huge and the cake can easily be placed underneath. Resist the urge to now buy another Victoria sponge and go for a stroll to the local park.

11.30 – Grab a coffee at the park and sit in the sunshine. Charley is now ready for her nap so recline the Nitro fully and pop the hood up to protect her from the sunshine.

13.00 – Charley wakes up and is hungry so go to the local cafe and grab a quick sandwich. Charley sits in a highchair so I collapse the Nitro and stick it in a corner.

13.30 – Finish lunch, stick Nitro in the boot and go home for an hour to catch up on some e-mails.

14.45 – Set off to pick Harry up from school. Stick Charley in the stroller and have an impromptu sing-song on the way to the playground from the car.

15.20 – Pick up Harry and decide to go to the local country park for an ice cream and play in the woods.

15.30 – Arrive at the country park, pop Charley in the Stroller and then buy ice cream for both kids.


Charley sat in the Joie Nitro Stroller eating ice cream


15.40 – Instantly regret buying Charley an ice cream as the stroller is now covered in it !!

16.00 – Go for a walk into the woods, be surprised how easily the Nitro handles the uneven surface and let both Kids have a run about.

16.30 – Put a now mud & ice cream covered Charley back into the stroller and set off home.

17.00 – Put both kids in the bath, quickly wipe down the stroller straps and throw the seat & strap covers in the washing machine on a quick wash.

18.00 – Feed the kids, put covers on the line to dry and store stroller neatly under the stair ready for battle tomorrow.


The Joie Nitro Stroller is perfect for everyday use. It’s light (under 8kg’s ), easy to put up & down and fully reclines so your child can be comfortable while sleeping. It’s great value at only £59.99 and comes in the choice of 2 colours. This stroller will be fab on holiday and has a great carry handle for getting it in and out of the car. The only downside I didn’t like is the hood is a little bit flimsy but it does the job it needs to do. I loved how easily I could take off the covers and wash them. With previous strollers, this has been quite a chore. Overall I really liked the Joie Nitro and would recommend it anyone looking for a lightweight stroller. The stroller can be purchased from Kiddies Kingdom along with a large selection of other brands.

I hope this review has helped you make your mind up about purchasing a new stroller for your little one. If you have any recommendations then leave a comment below.



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  1. The Joie Nitro Stroller looks cool and useful. It’s cost £59.99 is inexpensive as compared to other brands 🙂

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