Yes, we are in mid-July and as I sit here typing this from my back garden in the beautiful sunshine I know how mad it sounds, but have you thought about how you are going to pay for all the presents this year?

With only 2 weeks left of a guaranteed wage, this question weighs heavily on my mind. We have never been a family to go overboard and spend money we don’t have but we have been lucky enough to be able to splurge on gifts at Christmas due to our incomes. That’s obviously going to change at the start of August and the sensible option would be to have a quiet Holiday Season this year.

A picture of a Christmas Present

The problem here is and any one who knows me will tell you when it comes to Christmas I am not sensible. We celebrate all other calendar events like Birthdays & Anniversaries but they always tend to be low-key and the gifts are always small and practical.Christmas is a whole new ball game.The tree goes up on the 01st December and Christmas Day is a huge day not just for presents but for getting together with family and enjoying each other company. I don’t feel pressure to buy expensive presents or lots of them but I do feel I want to make the whole month of December as memorable as possible for both of the kids and Lee. I asked a few of my fellow work from home mums how they budget for Christmas to see if anyone could give me some tips.

Sandra – My husband sadly got made redundant at the end of November last year and we didn’t want to disappoint the kids so we took out a short-term loan with SwiftMoney so we could buy presents. It’s not something we would normally consider but we wanted the kids to have a great Christmas Day. My husband got offered a great new job in January so it all worked out in the end.

Frances  – We just kind of subsume it into the usual household budget. I imagine as the kids get older we may have to start saving a little or at least preparing earlier but I would never ever get into debt for it. 

Laura – The older the children get the more pressure I feel to buy expensive gifts. Where as my younger three are happy with toys, my eldest is more likely to want an iPad, a games console or even just computer games at £50 a pop! I try to save but it’s impossible, some Christmas’s have definitely ended up on the credit card!

Lindsay –  I am really bad and don’t really save and totally blow the budget at Christmas on a few big shopping sprees (I have three children one of whom is a teen with expensive taste) I don’t put it on credit cards or anything though. I have started saving vouchers I get from blogging this year and have £400 of them saved so far

Katy – We save all year for Christmas and birthdays and yes I do feel under some pressure to buy big expensive gifts but I also want to spoil my children as much as I can on those two days. We haven’t ever had a credit card so this is the only way for us.

So five  very different answers to the question of how they are going to pay for Christmas this year.I really like Lindsay’s idea of saving vouchers up throughout the year from Blogging work to use at Christmas. I have to admit I normally end up buying rubbish with any vouchers I get so this is a great idea. Taking a cut in pay doesn’t always mean you have to compromise on your lifestyle. It might not be Gucci handbags and trips to the Maldives this year but with a little bit of planning and good use of any sales between now and December, I know Christmas will be as Jolly as ever.

How do you pay for Christmas each year? Comment below …….






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