10 Cheap & Easy Ways To Keep The Kids Active This Summer


We are in week 3 of the kids holidays and If you are anything like me you may already be looking to remortgage the house with the cost of entertaining the kids. The weather can’t make it’s mind up and if you have to sit inside another children’s play area you are going to have to open that bottle of whiskey you keep stashed in your knicker draw for dia emergencies ( AKA your MIL popping around )!  With this in mind, I thought I would write a quick post on 10 Cheap & Easy Ways To Keep The Kids Active This Summer.

Scooter Parks – Kids of all ages love playing on their scooters and most local parks now have dedicated scooter parks. For kids who love doing tricks check out Skate Hut for a set of seriously hot wheels. To find your local skate park click  here.

Bike Ride – We are lucky as we have a prom that stretches for miles and is the perfect traffic free place to take the kids on a bike ride. If you want to find out your nearest family friendly traffic free routes in your area click here.

Swimming – Pull out your old cossi and jump in the water with the kids. Swimming is one of the best all around exercises for you & the kids. It can help with asthma and is perfect for any new mum’s looking for some gentle exercise while entertaining the older siblings. Check out your local YMCA or council run pool for cheap holiday offers.

Trampolining – We bought a trampoline for our back garden a couple of years ago and it has been worth its weight in gold. If you don’t have space for one then check out your local area for an indoor bounce around.

Running – There are lots of fun sponsored races happening across the UK. Why not book a little 3K one and raise money for a good cause at the same time.

County Walk – The simplest of all exercises is walking. Grab some old trainers or wellies and take a nice long walk in the country and enjoy the beautiful views.

Park – Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t like going to the park? 1/2 hour of running around & climbing up and down the slide can burn some serious calories.

Washing The Car – Mucky car ? Don’t get yourself into a lather, let you Minions do the work and burn off some of their energy at the same time.

Horse Riding – This doesn’t have to be an expensive activity.Many farms and horse rescue centres will offer short rides or lessons for less than £10. Have a go and see if you have the next Equestrian Gold Medalist on your hands.

The Gruffalo Trail – They have trails across the UK now and this is by far one of the best family days out we have ever had and it’s totally free. We visited Gisburn Forest earlier in the year so take a look at our day here. Just remember to download the app before you go !!!!  You can find your nearest trail here.


I hope this helps you entrain the kids for the rest of the holidays. If you have a favourite outdoor activity then comment below and any really good one I will add to the list.


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