Multi-Tasking With A Multi-Way Bra From Hunkemöller – Review


Having just arrived back from Tenerife and experienced the pain/pleasure of traveling with hand luggage only the one item I used the most was my Multi-Way Bra from Hunkemöller. I wrote in my previous post What To Pack: Hand Luggage Only, about the must have multitasking pieces that would see you through a 7 day holiday and the Multi-Way Bra from Hunkemöller was key to the success of surviving on a limited number of outfits.

It’s no secret that I have had a little help from a Dr in the boob department but far from opening up my choices of Lingerie, my boosted boobs have meant I struggle to find a well-fitting bra. I still have a small back and now thanks to having 2 babies they stand ( sag ) at a 32E cup size. As my surgery was done under the boob I have 2 scars which when I wear certain underwired bra’s can start to rub. Even more difficult is to find a strapless bra to keep my boobs from hitting the ground. I was recommended Hunkemöller by another Blogger who like me had enhanced boobs and after checking out their website they have several different tools you can use to select the perfect bra. As I needed a new strapless bra I used the Bra Solution Tool to see what my options were. It took only 4 clicks to find the perfect strapless bra in black with the added benefit of attachable straps so it could be worn multiple ways.

Delivery from Hunkemöller took less than 48 hours and the pretty black and pink packaging made unpacking the bra feels like a luxury treat. The back and cup size was spot on and after wearing the bra strapless for 8 hours at a wedding I was pleased to see no drooping, rubbing or popping out occurred. So the real test was to only take the Hunkemöller Multi-Way Bra on holiday for a week and leave all my other bras at home. Could one bra replace the  3 bras I normally pack? Well, I am pleased to say a BIG FAT YES !!! I wore the bra with straps under my T-shirts, strapless under my dresses, halter-neck under a backless top and using the straps diagonally for a 1 shoulder shirt. As it was so hot in Tenerife I washed the bra on a 30 degree’s gentle spin each night and hung it on the balcony to dry. The shape & fit is still perfect and the fabric shows no sign of wearing.

I am so in love with Hunkemöller and the fit of their bras I have just purchased 3 more in the sales. Pop across now and check out the beautiful bras for yourself .


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