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“How do you earn money from your blog?”

This is a question I get asked at least 20 times a week and although I sometimes feel like a parrot repeating myself, I love the fact that people are interested in my new career.Blogs have been around for as long as the Internet has but Blogging as a career is still seen as a mystical art. People love reading a funny post or getting style inspiration from a fashion piece but how does writing about a company’s latest product translate into cold hard cash to pay the bills? Well, below I explain how I make a living in the world of social media.

My Blog

There are several ways to make money from my blog. Sponsored blog posts, sponsored Instagram pictures, reviews, affiliate links, being a brand ambassador, display advertising, paid YouTube videos ……….   The list can be endless. My main income from my blog comes from sponsored posts and this is where a brand or company contacts me and asks me to write about their product/service. Now don’t get too excited the fees can be anywhere from £50 – £200 and with the added need for location photo’s, video and hours of editing, a simple children’s fashion post can sometimes take 2 days to publish ( not forgetting the bottle of wine needed after negotiating with 2 small children to smile for photos )

Freelance Writing

Occasionally I will be asked to writes articles for other blogs or publications.Depending on the topic and number of words required can earn me upwards of £300.

Social Media Manager

Most of you are already aware I am midway through my training to become a Social Media Manager. Once I graduate in February this will be where I get my main income from. My day-to-day duties will be to look after companies social media platforms ( IG, Twitter, FB ) and run any digital marketing campaigns they need. My aim will be to get as much social coverage of the company with the least amount of marketing budget.This will be something I will do freelance from home while the kids are small but once they are older I will have the option to go back into the workplace. I plan to work 2 full days a week as an SMM plus at night when the kids are in bed. 20 hours work will roughly get me £300 per week.


So by no means am I about to become a millionaire overnight but it gives me great satisfaction knowing that every penny I earn is from my hard work & initiative.Like anything, it’s going to take time to build my empire but so far so good.I am standing on my own two feet and enjoying every minute of it.



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