I should have known you were trouble when I spent 3 long, agonising days in labour waiting for you to make an appearance. When you did finally pop out the first thing you wanted was food and from that point onwards you haven’t stopped eating!

Your birth was a beautiful but sad event for me as when I held you I knew you would be my last. Unlike your brother, you were never a cuddly baby and if now you wrap your arms around me it’s to steal the biscuit in my hand or reach for your dolly.This hasn’t stopped our bond and your favourite place in the world is sat on my knee singing nursery rhymes.

You have your daddy’s free spirit but you have my ‘death stare’ down to a T, and if you don’t want to do something then you won’t do it.

I may dress you in pink and try to put bows in your hair but you are a true Tomboy and any activity Harry does you want to be a part of. We have tried ballet dancing but give you a football and a goal and you are in your element.

Your smile could light up the Blackpool Illuminations and we don’t worry when you are making noise, it’s when you go quiet we know you are up to no good in a cupboard or drawing on a wall.

You have always been an amazing sleeper but when you wake up, no one in the house is allowed to carry on sleeping whether It’s 6 am or 2 am.

You are an independent little lady and like to choose your own clothes. Daddy’s boxer shorts, my bra & Harry’s school shoes were your choice this morning. I have learnt to pick my battles with you and if that’s the costume of your choice then so be it.

You have expensive taste in handbags but you are very good at sharing and when I am silly enough to leave my posh bags on the kitchen table you are more than happy to fill them with ‘snacks ‘ ( baked beans, bits of toast, 1/2 eaten apples ).

You have brought nothing but happiness into the lives of everyone around you.Your thirst for adventure is already shining through and just like me, you can’t stay still for a minute. You have grown from a baby to a toddler and now quite happy speeding around on 2 legs you are a little girl. I am so proud of you Charley-Rose and your birth marked the completion of our family.

This birthday marks a new chapter in your life, no longer a baby this is where the real fun begins.

I love you forever and a day

Mummy  X


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