Ikea make up table hack


Earlier this week I wrote a post about how I want to motivate you to make positive changes to your life. Well, today I am going to motivate you to make positive changed to your home. We all need a small space to gather our thought and escape the kids & It’s taken me 35 years and 5 different homes but I finally have a room in my house that I don’t have to share with anyone ( Including Lee ). Since we moved to our new house in March I have been using the kitchen table to work from but not only does this cause me to get distracted every 2 minutes with little people coming in and out of the kitchen, It’s also too tempting to keep grabbing things from the fridge (more to come on Blogging Is Making Me Fat in another post).So I have cleared out the spare room and turned it into my office/dressing room.No peaceful haven of loveliness would be complete without a dressing table and I didn’t want a plain boring one. So what does a girl do when she needs some DIY inspiration? Of course, she turns to Pinterest. After 2 hours of pinning and sorting, I fixed on this fur stool & marble effect table. If you have a little bit of patience and love the power of owning a glue gun this mini project is for you. I promise you will love having a little place in the house to call your own. So grab your shopping list, fire up your glue gun and get cracking


You will need – Shopping List


Laptop table VITTSJÖ – £30

Stool MARIUS – £3.25 

Rug TEJN – £10


Rust-oleum Spray Paint – Gold – Brilliant Finish – £6.99

Self-Adhesive Film  ( sticky back plastic ) Marmi Grey  – £4

Seat Cushion – £2

You will also require a screwdriver & hot glue gun.



  1. Start by assembling the stool legs  & laptop table frame. Don’t attach the stool seat or the laptop table shelf/glass top.
  2. Spray both frames with 2-3 coats of the spray paint, leaving 20 minutes between coats.
  3. Once the stool frame is dry attached the seat to the frame and hot glue the cushion to the seat. Allow to set & dry for 5 minutes.
  4. Turn the stool upside down on the fur material and measure enough material to cover the whole seat and allow enough overhang to wrap the material underneath.
  5. Cut off any excess material and use the glue gun to fix the material in place under the chair. Any extra bits of fabric can just be folded and glued down.Allow to dry upside down for 10 minutes
  6. Turn stool back upright and fluff up the material. The stool is now complete.
  7. Take the wooden laptop shelf and place on the sticky back plastic ( DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING YET ) and measure 10cm around the edge.
  8. This is the tricky bit !!! Carefully peel back a small section of the sticky back and attached to the wood.Smooth away any air bubbles with an old plastic store/credit card being careful not to rip the surface.
  9. Carry on peeling back and smoothing small sections until the shelf is covered.
  10. flip the shelf upside down and wrap the remaining sticky back plastic to the bottom.You may need to cut a couple of slips in the plastic to get it to lie flat.
  11. Take the glass top and repeat the same process as the shelf.
  12. Place the top on the table and fix the shelf into position underneath.
  13. Add a mirror, pot of brushes & of course makeup and your DIY project is complete.



I hope this inspires you to make your own makeup table and reclaim a small part of your house. If you need some more inspiration then check out my Pinterest account here for some cool but cheap decorating ideas. If you would like to see some more decorating hacks then just comment below.


Ikea make up table hack



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