Most of you have seen and commented on my picture of my new burgundy over the knee boots I recently received from LOTD.COM . Now in the full throes of Autumn, the strappy dresses and sandals have been packed away and it’s time to start wearing more Autumnal attire. Over the knee boots have been ‘on trend’ for a couple of years now but until recently they have not been something I had ever thought of purchasing. So why now? Partly because I have started to get invited to fashion blogging events so I need to up my fashion game, but also I want to show you that just because we are mums in the over 30’s bracket, that we shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. I am still in a transitional stage of finding my own style at 35 and it’s a rare occasion when I get to leave the house without 2 kids attached to me but like you I am sure, when I finally get the chance to go ‘out, out’ I want to look my best. Today I have come up with 3 different ways to wear over the knee boots that guarantee you have thigh-slapping fun at any occasion.

Styling my over the knee boots with jeans

Everyday Style

I joked last week that I would be wearing my over the knee boots to do the school pick up. At first, it was a joke as you couldn’t possibly wear such a thing to pick up your child, can you? Well here’s how I proved myself wrong. I paired a classic pair of skinny jeans with an olive-green sweater, contrasting denim shirt and to accessorise  I added my Alexander McQueen silk scarf. As the outfit was mostly dark, muted tones with a pop of colour at the neck your eyes are drawn to my face. The jeans & boots combo elongate the legs and even my thunder thighs appear slender in this outfit.

Styling my over the knee boots with a 70's style dress

70’s Vibe

Staying true to their heritage I have paired the boots with a 70’s feel mini dress. The ruffle sleeves and flowery pattern give the outfit a feminine feel and with just an inch of leg on show stops the outfit from feeling overexposed. This look would be great for a day event or with the addition of a dark lip and a leather jacket over your shoulders would make a vampy night time outfit.

Styling my over the knee boots with a sand coloured playsuit

The ‘out, out’ Outfit

When you do finally get to walk out the door without the kids attached to your legs you want to feel glamorous. This last outfit I have paired the over the knee boots with a sand coloured playsuit. Playsuits are great as you can still show off your legs without the dreaded fear of flashing your knickers. The burgundy flower design pairs nicely with the colour of the boots and the belt not only helps squash in your Mummy Tummy but also helps to break the outfit up too. You can either add a pretty lace camisole under the playsuit or if you are feeling daring and want to show off your décolletage, invest in some good strong boob tape to keep the fabric in place.

Discount Code

So there you go, three easy and wearable ways to style over the knee boots.If you would like to purchase the boots I am wearing they can be ordered from LOTD.COM for £25.00. LOTD.COM are offering my readers 30% discount off their first online order, so if you fancy a little shopping spree just click here to be sent a special TheUnNaturalMother discount code*


I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and if you have please leave me a nice comment below. If there is an ‘on trend ‘ style you would like me to try on your behalf then let me know below.



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