Staying in is the new going out and now it’s cold & raining all day who wants to be queuing up outside a nightclub at 11 p.m ? The wonderful thing about a girls night in is you can still have a  laugh & enjoy a cocktail but all from the comfort of your couch while wearing your favourite onesie. No need to spend hours or money trying to find the perfect outfit, no need to wrestle the contents of your makeup bag off the kids or endure hours of pain in 10-inch heels.All you need is a bottle of wine,your best girls mates and a fun activity to do. So what are all the cool kids doing while staying in ? Here’s 10 Fun Girls Night In Ideas.

  1. Me and my girlfriends love going to our local bingo for a cheap night out but when one of us can’t get a babysitter, we pile around their house with some wine and a takeaway and play against each other online.It’s such a laugh and winning a few quid never hurts – Sarah
  2. I am a huge movie fan so my favourite girls night in is the latest release, a huge bag of popcorn and washed down with cocktails – Katy
  3. I love The Body Shop so I get the girls around a few times a year and we have a Body Shop Party. Our local rep Sarah comes around demo’s the latest make-up and skin care on us and we enjoy a few glasses of Prosecco – Toni
  4. My best friend is getting married next year so we all got together with a stack of wedding magazines and a couple of bottles of bubbly and helped her plan her big day – Rachel
  5. We hired a beauty therapist to come around and give us all manicures & pedicures.With drinks & nibbles, it only worked out at £20 each. – Karen
  6. For a bit of fun me & my friends dressed up as the characters from Sex&theCity and had a box set marathon. We drank cosmopolitans and ate cupcakes just like the girls do on the show – Sady
  7. Invite your pals round and everyone brings a bottle themselves. Cheap night in with your best friends – perfect when you’re getting too old to be standing up in a noisy bar all night and you don’t have to wear heels – Beth
  8. A themed potluck dinner where everyone brings something along. You could also theme the drinks too. – Debbie
  9. Last Christmas we all went around to my friend’s house who is a florist and she taught us how to make a door wreath.It was a great laugh and meant our door looks very festive for the whole of December. We plan to do the same thing this year – Jenny
  10. Our friend Tina has quite a rough pregnancy and was in and out of the hospital so she wasn’t able to have a Baby Shower, so once the baby was born we organised a head wetting party with her favourite Mexican food & Margaritas.


So 10 fun and fabulous ideas to keep you & the girls entertained indoors. I hope this gives you some inspiration to organise your own girls night in. Comment below what your favourite girls night in looks like.


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