Brother & Sister Winning At Twinning With Me&I

When you think about twinning outfits you always think about 2 little girls or 2 little boys. I have the great pleasure of having one of each and didn’t want to miss out on this ultra cute craze so I thought it would be fun to buy them matching outfits. Now looking back on the day I photographed them both, ‘fun’ is definitely not the word I would now use but after a short course of Prozac & 10 sessions of intense therapy, It was worth all the tears ( all mine ) to get these beautiful photos.

Harry & Charley wearing Me&I clothing

Harry wearing the Chubby Bat Top £29.95 & Charley wearing the Chubby Bat Tunic £25.95

I have previously written about my love of the clothes from Me&I  in my post  Style & Ease with Me&I  back in July. Charley & I both reviewed dresses from the brand and I am pleased to say that thanks to the great quality and cut of the clothes both dresses are still going strong and still being worn.When they asked if we would like to be involved in their Autumn/Winter campaign I thought this would be a great opportunity to trying out a bit of matchy, matchy twinning.

Harry & Charley wearing Me&I clothing

Both wearing Monster long sleeve top £20.95

As Charley idolises her big brother and is a Little Miss Tomboy we choose designs featuring bats, monsters & aliens. Not quite your standard twinning outfits but I knew they would both be comfortable in these designs. The styles available on the Me&I website are different to anything you find on the high street in the UK. The brand was launched in Sweden back in by Susan Engvall and Helene Nyrell from the kitchen table in their homes in Barsebäck, Southern Sweden. Even just looking at the photo’s you can see how good the quality of the fabric is and you know that it’s built to last. Even with 2 mini Tasmanian Devils running around all day.

Harry & Charley wearing Me&I clothing

Both wearing Space Pyjamas £30.95

When you have little ones you want them to look 1/2 presentable and at least give the impression that as a mother you have some of your S*it together. This is much harder said than done with 5-year-olds who bathe in mud and 2-year-olds who wear their dinner down their tops. At least with Me&I you know that however bad the stain the clothes will withstand a hot wash without losing their shape.


So If you too would like to twin your offspring checkout Me&I’s website for some Swedish style.I hope today’s post has given you some ‘twinning’ inspiration and you have enjoyed our little photo shoot. Mummy could be found drinking Gin & muttering swear words under her breath by the 3rd outfit change.


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