Interior Design Trends For 2018

We are fast approaching 2018 and with a new year comes a new urge to redecorate. 2017 saw the Nordic Hygge trend for ‘cosiness and content ‘ takeover people homes along with block patterns & the return of crushed velvet. So, what will 2018 give us in terms of redecorating our homes? David Janes the interior expert from Ratten Direct talks us through his top 3 predictions from his latest Interior guide


If you live in a cosy rural cottage – or simply wish to make your home feel like such a setting – then rustic decor is the way to go.Keep everything simple, right down to the walls and floors. Rugs are fine but don’t lay carpet beneath your feet – stick with warm, varnished wood floors. The same rule applies to your walls; reclaimed wood is the perfect surface for a rustic home, as you’ll want a lived-in impression. Stick with warm browns for your furniture, too – leather is fine, providing it’s not too modern, and you can utilise plenty of storage units dotted around your home.


Transitional decor is another combination old and new that typically takes elements from conventional and traditional aesthetics and meshes them with the sharp style of contemporary decor. Perhaps the easiest way to tackle such a concept would be to picture traditional decor – matching furnishings and all – and soften some of the more homely edges.Decorations (such as wall art) are still welcome but should be used comparatively sparingly.Transitional decor should revolve around neutral and plain colour schemes (no floral patterns are welcome here), and subtlety rules – toss in some variation on the colour scheme by adding linens, cushions, and rugs.

Mid-Century Modern

Based around bold colours such as plum, deep red and brown, you’ll have plenty to play with if you choose this décor style.You won’t need to be shy here, and can allow your imagination to run wild – track down some reconstituted fabrics or simply apply some bold and dramatic wallpaper.This prominence also extends to lighting in a mid-century modern home – aim for large and substantial lighting, even splashing out on a chandelier if you have sufficiently high ceilings.All of these touches will help make your home warm and welcoming.


None of these to your taste? Then check out the rest of David’s interior design guide here and I am sure you will find the inspiration to make your home your palace in 2018.




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