Why Is Ambition a Dirty Word When You Are a Mum ?

I am ambitious, I have always been ambitious. The fact that I have 2 children is irrelevant. I walked away from my corporate career because the company could no longer give me what I needed. Sure, they gave me money but as far as growth unless I was prepared to move to London and sacrifice my family the door to promotion would remain firmly shut. The slow year-long death of my corporate career began the day I started writing my blog. The freedom that words gave me and the buzz that I got when people enjoyed my posts made my simmering ambition start bubbling again. My new career was staring at me from my laptop.

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So, let’s fast forward to today. I quit my corporate job at the end of July, I am now 8 weeks away from finishing my Social Media Management course while running my Digital Campaign – No More Nine To Five  and I am ploughing every spare minute left after that into writing posts for my much-loved blog. At the end of January, I will be a fully qualified Social Media Manager and will start looking for clients to work with.This will involve networking my bottom off and ‘hustling’ to get my business’s name out there. This is equally exciting and terrifying at the same time.There are days when I feel like She-Ra, like I am the epitome of the Spice Girls #GirlPower and there are days when I am cleaning Weetabix off the ceiling that I wonder why the hell I ever left my secure, well-paid job, but at the root of everything is that word – A.M.B.I.T.I.O.N. Sure , it’s great that I am no longer travelling the country for a job that was draining me and I get to see my boy in his class assemblies. It’s amazing that I am juggling doing this with having Charley at home but my children were only one part of me quitting my job. I want to be successful, in my own right, in a career that will allow me to work around my children’s schedules but ultimately feed my ambition.We as mums are made to feel like if we work part-time or ask for flexible hours from an employer that we have no ambition. That if flexibility is agreed that they are  ‘doing us a favour’ . Ambition is not a dirty word and whether you decide to go it alone like me or keep knocking at the door for promotion just remember the birth of your child should not be the death of your career.


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