Top Ten Gifts for Boys Under 10 From Wicked Uncle

So, yes before anyone says it these toys are suitable for little girls too !!! But just for today Indulge me and let me talk about what I have been buying for all the little men in my life. Now if like me your little male darlings are very hands-on and inquisitive then for an amazing variety of action-packed gifts you need to be looking on Wicked Uncle. The whole site is filled with fun, unusual and different presents for children of all ages and with the handy addition of a gift wrapping service they had me at the first click. So, today to save you clicking on the 2000 and odd gifts on offer I thought I would pick the Top Ten Gifts For Boys Under 10  from the site. There should be something for everyone in this selection and all ( inc the Emoji game ) have an educational feature. So sit back, grab your debit card and start clicking away …………

Grow Your Own Bug Eating Plant – £10.95 – This interesting box set has everything you need to grow your own carnivorous plants from the seeds to the compost discs, all you need to do is provide water. Comes with packets of Venus Flytrap and Pitcher Plant seeds, together with a bug eating booklet with bug-based puzzles. Insects and bugs are a source of endless fascination at this age – banish those flies and make it snappy!

Hexbug Scarab– £12.99 – This high energy beetle-like micro robotic creature darts this way and that, jumping back and changing direction as soon as it encounters an object in the way. The result is a truly frenetic mechanical bug that looks completely alive. Battery powered, he is also capable of popping from its back to its feet if placed upside down. Fits in your hand – very impressive!

Mixed By Me Thinking Putty – £19.95  Make five different putties using the clear putty provided. Add some colour, sparkle, shimmer or glow effect from the concentrates, simply stretch and fold to blend your creations together. The fun isn’t over once the putty’s made, you still need to design the tins and play with your putty – stretch it, bounce it, pop it, sculpt it, tear it and knead it! When the mixing is done, the fun’s just begun!

The Human Body Science Kit -£28.99 – Explore the external aspects of the human body with 26 fun experiments to learn about the inside anatomy. Examine your fingerprints to learn how unique you really are and find out what happens to the food you eat. Test your lung capacity or build a stethoscope, listen to your own heartbeat and learn about your heart pumping blood. Relate your experiments back to the human body systems, including the internal organs, skeleton, muscles and the circulatory system. With clear and accurate illustrations, a great aid for future doctors.

Magic Music Monkey – £29.95 – Not only a high-quality speaker, but also a fantastic dancing partner, watch as this cool chimp bops up and down to the beat of the music. Plug this funky monkey into the headphone port of your MP3 device or computer using the included USB cable, power him up and listen as he plays your favourite songs (even the dodgy ones!). Standing at 21cm tall, this musical monkey can also be operated using batteries making him easily portable. Fantastic entertainment sure to have you busting a move wherever you go.




Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Kit – £19.95 – This intriguing magnetic science kit has seven fun anti-gravity projects with a detailed guide on how to build them. Make a pencil float in mid-air, construct a metal sculpture that defies gravity, build a random motion machine, engineer a personal transporter using the Magley train principle and more. Great scientific fun for the genius minds of the future.

My First Drone – £39.99 – The perfect drone for novice pilots, extra safe with a unique protective propeller design, remarkably robust and made of impact resistant plastic. Featuring flashing LED lights and realistic sound effects, you can fly both up and down, auto-hover and turn to the right using the very simple remote control. Easy and fun to fly indoors with a flying time of 8 minutes and a range of 8 meters, recharged via the remote control. With a takeoff and landing mat, plus an emergency stop button, this is a really fun present.

Name The Emoji Flash Card Game -£7.95 -Common and famous phrases are shown as Emojis and you simply have to guess the correct ones. There are 56 cards and phrases to work out, from the simple ‘hammer time’ to the rather more difficult ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatch’. We all interpret Emojis differently, so this game is not quite as easy as it sounds! Fun for all the family and is sure to entertain and amuse

Butterfly Garden – £17.95 – The 30 cm tall reusable butterfly habitat is made of super clear mesh for better viewing and folds flat when not in use. Comes with a feeding pipette, activity guide, and instructions, with a certificate that you send away in order to receive a set of 5 caterpillars (sent March to September). You then watch the tiny caterpillars grow up to ten times their size before transforming into chrysalides – these are then moved into the Garden where you watch them change into beautiful butterflies and release them into the wild, then do it all again next year. A great nature project that’s fun and rewarding, fascinatingly popular with small people.

Zoob Car Design Kit – £29.95 – Follow the instructions to build 13 different car models or use your imagination to build your own car designs. Snap, click or pop the 76 pieces together, including 12 wheels and rubber tyres, to build 3 different vehicles at once. With Zoob, the design of the pieces allows them to move so you can actually play with your creations. `Great for budding engineers!


I hope this has made your Christmas shopping a little bit easier and you have found yourself a few bargains for the boys in your life. I can tell you now that it’s not only the little Mr’s who will enjoy these gifts, Dads will be joining in on all the fun. 30 extra minutes of peace & quiet for you on Christmas Day



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