From January Blues To Far off Beaches

How was your 1st day back at work after the Christmas break? Have the January blues set in yet? Even sat at home in my office ( only 10ft from my bed ) it took me 2 hrs, 3 brews and a large slab of leftover Christmas cake to open my laptop and start working yesterday. With all the festivities and fun over and done with, the reality now kicks in that we are slap bang in the middle of winter with only months of cold winds and rain to look forward to. So as I was sat in my fancy new office chair from Furniture at Work , staring out into the pouring rain I fantasised about transporting myself Narnia style through my filing cabinet to a tropical island.

I have truly loved seeing all my family and spending some good quality time with the kids over Christmas but what I really crave is time on my own. I would transport myself to a hot tropical beach where a handsome waiter would serve me ice-cold cocktails and an array of tasty hot tapas. Far to lazy to read a book I would instead listen to a couple of classic novels on Audible before checking out the latest fashion crazes on the pages of Vogue. As this is my fantasy I would once again be a perfect size 8 wearing a very tiny but hellishly expensive bikini. My Chanel sandals would match my Chanel beach bag and my long blonde locks would remain frizz free and move gently in the sea breeze. I am forever running around after the kids so on my fantasy day I wouldn’t move off my sun longer preferring for my handsome waiter to look after my every need ( no mucky thoughts, I’m married women). I would enjoy a day of sun, silence and San Juan Tea ( click here for the cocktail recipe ) and watch the sun go down listening to Ibizan hits play in the background. Before returning back to reality ( and my cold office ) I would change into a fabulous vintage Oscar De La Renta evening dress and enjoy a 5-course feast on the beach accompanied by a bottle ( or 2 ) of Dom Perignon while watching fireworks go off in the night sky. Just before returning to the door back to life as I know it  I would collect some beautiful seashells to sit on my desk and remind me of my tropical excursion. That wraps up my fantasy day away , but where would you go to ? Comment below or share your dream day using the hashtag #OfficeNarnia. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination into action.








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