The Sisterhood Of The Digital Mums

I am now in my final week of the Digital Mums Social Media Course and the final few days of running my digital campaign – No More Nine To Five. I feel like I have been doing this course for years but in fact, it’s only been 6 months. There has been high’s and lows and lots of late nights. There have been moments when I have slapped my laptop shut and the thought of sending one more tweet made me feel physically sick, but throughout this, I have had 6 little voices in my head telling me I could. I promise you I am not going mad, the 6 voices were those of my Digital Mums Peer Group. We, seven ladies, started in July, unknown to each other and totally unsure if we would all be here in January.Without my band of Digital Sisters, there is no way I could have finished this course and be so excited for my next adventure.My peer group has been my lifeline to success and my cheerleaders when no one else can understand why a re-tweet from the @HonestMum has sent me streaking in excitement around the kitchen.There is no easy way to say this but the Digital Mums SMM course is hard and time-consuming and on top of being a wife & mother, at times you want to pack it all in and go hide under the covers. As I have mentioned before on in  blog Reducing Our Childcare Bill from £500 to £0.00, we decided to take Charley out of nursery when I finished my corporate job in July and even though it has been hard trying to entertain a 2-year-old and complete the course it has meant that I have seen her every day and we have enjoyed lots of 1-1 time together that I would never have had in my previous job.



At times it felt like I knew nothing about social media and I have just been winging the course but now I am ‘hustling ‘ for business and actually analysing prospective clients social media platforms it’s very amazing how much I have learned.My worry when starting the course was could I  get paid work after graduation and it has become quite clear that the Digital Mums name along with its accredited training will get you through the front door of many businesses. My decision to take on a campaign to promote Flexible Working was definitely the right choice for me. Having a wealth of experience of trying to juggle a high-powered job with 2 kids and limited childcare, I feel that running this campaign and being part of the Digital Mums movement has cemented that my decision to leave my previous job was the right one. I have met so many amazing local women in business and heard their stories of success and thanks to this i now have several prospective clients in the pipeline. I do think that having my blog and having a social media background has at times been an advantage to me but then I also think that I had some bad social media habits that the course has helped iron out. The course does not come cheap with an initial investment of nearly £2,000 but do I think this investment was worth It ? Yes, 100 %. Taking a huge wage cut from 3K a month to a few hundred quid earned through my blog while I train has been challenging at times but with the end goal always in sight, it’s only 6 months of your life. I feel extremely confident and excited for the next chapter of my career. What will the future hold?  who knows, but I know that I have made some lifelong friends and am now part of the ever-growing #DMCollective




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