5 Healthy Ways To Get Beach Body Ready

A picture of the Caro bikini

I wanted to be standing in front of the camera today rocking the above bikini and feeling Uber proud of my work in losing a bit of my blubber. If in fact, I had taken a photo of myself modelling this beautiful bikini by Hunkemoller on Friday before Lee turned up with a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of vodka, I may have been more inclined to bare the flesh for you. Instead, you’re getting an inspirational flat lay featuring my the bikini and a tongue in cheek post about how if we all put our minds to it, can overcome the fear of our lumps & bumps and be strutting our stuff on the sand in Spain this summer. Now before I start typing away about ‘Getting Beach Body Ready’ I want to add a disclaimer to this. It doesn’t matter if you are a size 6 or 26 if you are happy with your body then crack out that bikini now and do your ASDA shop in it. Be proud, be loud and you rock whatever you want. I am extremely happy with my body, but like anything 36 years old it occasionally needs some bodywork doing it and a little fine-tuning. If I am going to model a bikini for you all ( which I will ) I want to feel my best.

So to get onto the post, if like me you could do with a bit of inspiration & motivation here are 5 healthy ways to get you started.

  1. Buy something amazing in the size you want to be. My decision to clean up my diet & exercise regime started when Hunkemoller sent me the Caro Bikini. I am never going to look like the 21-year-old famous German Beauty Blogger, but If I lay off the booze & Chinese food I may pass for a Yummy Mummy who got rid of her tummy Lifestyle Blogger.  Now don’t go daft and buy something 10 sizes smaller than you already are but aim for 1-2 sized smaller. Rather than getting on the weighing scales try this outfit on, take a photo and watch your progress each week.
  2. Stay hydrated. I know it’s boring and every health experts harps on about the need for everyone to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, but it’s for good cause. Water will be your best friend for toning up and stopping any naughty afternoon cravings. Do what I did and buy a 2-litre jug, throw in 1/2 lemon cut up and fill it up with water. Place the jug next to you at work and just keep drinking. Before you know it you will have finished the jug and if you are feeling adventurous and can try for another 2 litres. *This tip will result in several trips to the loo 🙂
  3. Try meal prepping. Not just for bodybuilders, meal prepping is a smart way to make sure you always have a healthy, nutritious meal on hand. No more lunchtime trips to the chippy or buying a big fat sandwich from Tesco’s Express. Here’s a quick guide from The Body Coach to get you Started. 
  4. Invest in a good fake tan. No one feels beach body ready with pasty white skin so take a trip to Boots and grab a couple of bottles while you are there. My go-to brand is James Read. A good fake tan applied correctly can take 1/2 stone from you instantly. Click here for a guide to fake tanning.
  5. Exercise. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Start moving more. Now the weather is getting a little milder, go out for more walks, join a couch to 5K running group, jump on the kid’s trampoline. The exercise I always go back to is running. It’s free, can be done almost anywhere and thanks to a 2nd hand running buggy and Harry learning to ride his bike I can now take both of them with me for a jog down the prom.

So there, 5 very simple ways to get you ready for bikini season.  I am challenging my readers to #DareToBikiniBare this summer and like me take a photo to promote their hard work ( mine will be up on the 01st May ). Just add the hashtag to your photo when you post it on Instagram and I will share my favourites on my blog & Facebook page.



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