Digital Mums Social Media Management Course Review – 3 Months Post Graduate

I thought it was about time I did a video and reflected on the last 12 months of changing careers and what it was like to complete and graduate the Digital Mums Social Media Management Course. It was a huge decision to leave my secure, well paid corporate career and not only take the financial risk of spending £2,000 on the course but also to re-train in a totally different industry. As you already know this story ends well as I secured my first client just before graduation and have now been working with them for nearly 3 months.

The ladies I trained with who are now my friends were not only my lifeline during the course but have become a big part of helping me in my new career.Being part of Digital Mums is like being part of a sisterhood and without making it sound like a 1970’s cult, taking the course and graduating has not only given me a new career it’s given me back the drive and determination I felt was sucked out of me in my previous role.

Retraining in a new flexible career has also meant I can put more time into my much-loved blog and create more of the content I am passionate about. It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and look forward to your working day ahead. My only regret was not doing the Digital Mums course earlier and spending the previous 12 months trying to juggle a failing career with being a mum and permanently feeling I was letting everyone down.

So whether you are thinking about doing the course or just want to hear about my career update, take a look at today’s video as I give an honest review of the last 12 months and being part of the #DMCollective





If you have any questions about my career change or about the Digital Mums Social Media Management course feel free to leave your questions in the comments below.


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