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It’s that time a year again when we all look at the house and get Spring Cleaning Fever. I am the first one to admit I normally hate cleaning but at this time of year, I like to give the house a deep clean from top to bottom. The one place that people normally forget about is the bedroom but as most of us spend 25 years of our lives lying down in bed this is the most important part of the house to start with. Today in partnership with Silentnight I share with you 7 tops tips to leave your bedroom free from any unwanted visitors.

1.Wash your bedding, not just your sheets

If left unwashed for just a few months, up to one-third of a pillow will be dead skin, bugs, mites and mite droppings. So wash your pillows and duvet every two or three months, to get rid of the build up.

2.Give your pillows a spin in the tumble dryer once a month

As well as plumping up the pillows nicely, the heat kills bugs between washes.

3.Replace your pillows regularly

They do lose their support so it is a good investment from a health point of view – but if you’ve had your pillows for some time, it is inevitable that there will have been a build-up of skin, dust and mites. Experts recommend you replace them every two or three years.

 4.Purchase the right kind of bedding

A product like Silentnight’s Anti -Allergy range is machine washable and actively combats dust mites and bacteria, to help prevent allergies and keep your pillows feeling fresh and clean. Machine washable with a two-year guarantee, a pack of two is just £12.49 from Amazon.

5.Use pillow and mattress protectors

These prevent skin getting into the pillows and should be washed regularly – ideally weekly with your sheets.

6.Air your bed.

An adult can lose up to a litre of sweat in one night, so don’t rush to make your bed in the morning. It may look nice, with all the lovely cushions, but actually, it is much more hygienic to pull down the duvet, open the windows and let your bed have a good airing while you get ready.

7.Vacuum – regularly!

Carpet is a breeding ground for dust and dust mites. Dust and vacuum twice a week. Include curtains and the bed!


I hope that these tips have inspired you to give your bedroom a spring clean. Silentnight is the UK’s most trusted bed brand with over 70 years’ experience in creating products to help the whole family get that  ‘great sleep’ feeling so check out their website for more details.


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