Feeling Anti Social

Feeling Anti Social


I am sorry if you haven’t heard anything from me in a while, but quite the opposite of the title I have been out being very social. After 3 months of doing nothing but working, eating and sleeping this little caterpillar has turned her self into a social butterfly. Want to know how I did it? I said ‘yes’. That simple, I said yes to all the days & nights out I didn’t have to worry about childcare to attend. When I was asked if I wanted to go on a spa day , i didn’t do my normal ” How much ??? ” feeling the guilt that the price to attend could have brought Harry a whole new summer wardrobe , I justified that I work bloody hard for my money and a few hours away and a pampering was just what I needed. There comes a time when you can’t stare at the same 4 walls anymore and if you hear the theme tune to Peppa Pig one more time you may be forced to wing the IPad across the kitchen just for a little peace. We can all dig deep and power through, suppressing the need to escape the madness but then why should we ???


Now I am not trying to annoy my lovely readers with my new-found social life, what this post is about is sometimes something has to give. For the first time in 2 years, I have taken a blogging break. I knew that when I became a Social Media Manager working online 8 hrs a day that when I came home at night I would find it a lot harder to pick up my laptop and write blogs for myself, but recently I really have had writer’s block. A combination of having nothing to write about and the desire to stop stressing myself out meant  I downed tools for 2 weeks and became anti-social.  The break gave me a chance to clear my head and do a bit of mental housekeeping. I have written many times about the immense amount of pressure I put myself under to be ‘perfect’, to look like a swan gliding across a pond, all the while paddling my little legs kicking like fury to keep my self from sinking. I have a daily struggle with my burning desire to have a successful career and to be a great mum. Although I now work my day job around both kids, there are still many nights I need to be tapping away on my laptop to make a writing deadline for the blog. My fear was always if I took a break my readers would all disappear overnight but by you reading this now is proving the point that I needn’t of worried. I am sure occasionally you feel the need to have a mental clear out and just feel the need to put yourself on a short sabbatical.  Maybe I can inspire you to put down the duster and pick up the phone to arrange a dinner date or leave the washing pile for one more day and kick back in a garden chair. We are all worried about taking a step back from our responsibilities but lesson learnt for me, for my own sanity I am occasionally going to have to do that.


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