Last Minute Wedding Tips For The Bride To Be

Me & Lee On Our Wedding Day

With  Royal Wedding fever upon us and mine & Lee’s 11 year anniversary next month it got me thinking about how I felt the night before we got married and how Meghan must be feeling right now. I don’t remember having nerves, I just hoped it wouldn’t rain and everything would run smoothly ( oh and that Lee would turn up ). Our wedding was pretty small in comparison to the Royal Wedding and I didn’t have the eyes of the world waiting to critique my every move but It still felt very overwhelming. So with this in mind, I thought I would enlist the help of some other brides to give Meghan and anyone one else getting married soon a few last minute tips to make their day go without a hitch.

I would have made sure that everyone else knew what time they needed to be ready on the day, ahead of time. No one seemed to have any sense of urgency and it stressed me out a bit!  – Julie

Plan a nice meal with your close friends & family the night before the wedding, this is a great way to distract you from getting nervous and worrying.

Best thing you can do for your skin is find a great skincare routine that fits into your life and one that you can afford. If it’s too expensive you will scrimp abs not get the benefits of it. I’m a huge Liz Earle Fan. You can’t beat it for simplicity and quality. Used it religiously for years including the run up to my wedding  – Gail

Write each other a nice note to be opened on the morning of your wedding. Escape off somewhere for 20 minutes and read it alone. It may be the only time you get to yourself that day.

Have your lashes lifted and tinted before the big day. That way you won’t have to worry about mascara running or smears. The lift works wonders for opening up the eyes too. Emma

Start drinking champagne at breakfast. Job done 😉 – Erika

Remember to take time out with your new husband at some point during the day/evening and just watch what is going on – otherwise, the whirlwind is over before you know it. – Emma

It’s YOUR day and no one else’s (well except your other half but you know what I mean!!) So ENJOY it. – Claire

Make sure your shoes are comfortable. I spent £300 on Jimmy Choo’s and they cut my feet to ribbons.

Try on your tights or stockings beforehand! I didn’t, and they were so uncomfortable, and I didn’t have any spares! – Gemma

When I was going to pieces the night before and on the day it was my amazing bridesmaids that made sure I ate and sent me to bed early to stop me stressing about the preparations. Couldn’t have done it without them 😍 (Also prosecco 😂) – Emma

Build in easy entertainment for the child guests – we had party bags and bubbles. Bubbles also very good for photos – Kate


Well, I hope you found this post helpful and if you are getting married soon Good Luck !!!  Enjoy your Big Day



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