Making The School Run a Breeze With The Micro Trike

You know there is always that mum who is literally doing the school run down the road like Usain Bolt each morning. Well, that mum is me. However early we seem to get up and however prepared I get the night before, getting 2 kids washed, dressed and to school/nursery always seems to be mission impossible. Harry is like Speedy Gonzales trying to catch his friends up and Charley is a ‘spirited’ two-year-old who depending which way the wind is blowing will run off in the wrong direction or sit down on the ground refusing to move. Trying to get Charley to sit in a pushchair is like trying to get a cat into a bath ( including the hissing noise ) Plus it’s an added nuisance getting it in and out of the boot & putting it up each time

It’s a bit of a standing joke among the other mums that I have my hands full with Charley and most of the time I really do as the only way to get to school quicker than a snail is to carry her. My beautiful little cherub is build of solid meat and weights a tonne so my poor back is sore by the time we have done this backwards and forwards 10 times a week. I have tried using a backpack harness on Charley so at least I have control on her as we walk from the car to school each day, but madam is not happy to have any type of restraints on her.

Micro Trike


So with every problem, so must a solution arise and in this case, it came in the shape of a Micro Trike. It may look like a mini golf trolley but this little gem has been the answer to my prayers. So light it weights less than ½ bag of sugar and it’s slimline design means I can easily fold it totally flat and stick it in the boot within seconds. The simplicity of the Micro Trike is the key to making this product so successful. Charley sit’s on, I quickly clip her into the safety belt and we are off. The Micro Trike is easy to maneuver with one hand so when you need to cross roads your other hand is free for guiding any siblings across with you. The most important thing is Charley loves riding on it and It’s turning my very stressful school runs into a breeze.

Micro Trike

The Micro Trike is going to be a very welcome addition to our family. For the first time in nearly 3 years, I have removed our Bugaboo pram out of the car boot and replaced it with the Micro Trike.

If you are interested in making your school run a breeze you can purchase the Micro Trike directly from their website or through the Amazon link below for an RRP of £74.95. Colours available at the moment are blue, pink, white & black but I am sure more colours will be available soon.






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