Harry’s 1st Sleepover Featuring Percy the Police Car Trunki & Giveaway

Harry Holding his Trunki

So my 1st born has been invited to his first sleepover at his friend’s house next week. Harry is full of excitement and having stayed at his Nan’s & Aunties before I don’t have any worries about him getting homesick but like any Mum I want him to have a few home comforts. We purchased our first Trunki a few years ago when we took Harry to Spain and it makes going through the airport a breeze. Having taken it on many more holidays since Spain it’s a wee bit battered but still a much-loved part of our family trips away and does come with a 5yr guarantee. We were delighted when Trunki sent us their brand new Percy the Police Car Trunki to review so when Harry was asked if he would like to stay at his friend’s house the answer was always going to be yes, I just wanted to send him with all the essentials he was going to need and our Trunki will come in handy again.


Harry & Teddy Next To His Trunki

The benefit of having a Trunki is its super light so whereas Harry maybe a little old for sitting on his Trunki he is able to pull it along himself and even carry it when he needs to. It’s the perfect size for hand luggage so when we travel to Disney World at the end of the year I know I will be able to pack enough items in there to keep both Harry & Charley entertained on the flight and have room for a spare set of clothes each. Harry is excited to show his new Percy The Police Car Trunki off to his mates at the sleepover and has helped me with a list of things he wants to pack.

Harry sat on his Trunki

    So what does a 6-year-old need to sleepover at their friend?

The Packed Trunki


If you like the look of our Percy the Police Car Trunki then enter my competition below to win your very own. The competition is open now and will close at 11.59p.m next Thursday 05th July. The winner will be picked at random and have their Trunki delivered directly from the brand. You can enter as many times as you like over the next 7 days. Good Luck !!!

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50 responses to “Harry’s 1st Sleepover Featuring Percy the Police Car Trunki & Giveaway”

  1. iain maciver says:

    perfect for my nephew he would be jumping for joy

  2. Solange says:

    It would be great for the kids when we go on our holidays.

  3. Sadiyya Maryam says:

    My daughter has always wanted a Trunki and this would be perfect for her as we are often traveling to visit my parents and her daddy when he’s working abroad.

  4. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  5. Hayley Colburn says:

    I would love one for my youngest, the other 2 still have one each that we got a couple of years back so would be great for them all to have one

  6. Susan Smith says:

    For our little one and his holidays, to pack all his bits, he would feel very grown up having his own trunki case

  7. Lydia Joy says:

    Everyone else seems to have one so I’d like to try them out. They seem so handy and fun for the kids. I’m sure my boys would love one to take on holiday this year. Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. I’ve heard so many great things about Trunki – it would come in super useful, I’m sure!

  9. Sarah Addey says:

    My daughter has got one she loves it now my other daughter wants one

  10. JULIE WARD says:

    For grandsons holiday, it might encourage him to tow it himself, wishful thinking

  11. Michael Boothby says:

    It would be great for the kids and my son will defo want to carry his own laugage

  12. Paula Barker says:

    My eldest granddaughter has had a grufflo trunki for quiet a few years, and has loved using it, we now have another granddaughter, so it would be great for her to have the fun of owning her very own trunki.

  13. kayleigh Robinson says:

    I would absolutely love one of these for my nephew! He loves police cars and it would be perfect for when he comes to stay with us!

  14. Amanda Cullen says:

    My wee man would absolutely love this I love your Instagram I’ve been following you for so long now your page just makes me so happy I’m @acplanning on there x

  15. Danielle Pooley says:

    When we go and visit family, this would be perfect for my little boy to pack his bits in

  16. Jules Eley says:

    I would love one of these for my daughter she loves travelling and taking an array of things with her.. she would be thrilled with this.

  17. Elaine Saberi says:

    So my granddaughters can help poor old me with all the luggage !!

  18. Sally Collingwood says:

    For my little gransdon when he goes to visit his other nana to take his toys.

  19. Lorna Ledger says:

    for my lovely Nephew, who’s in the Scouts, and often goes camping, he also often gets homesick, maybe one of these might help xx

  20. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    My nephew would make so much use of this Trunki

  21. christine westlake says:

    I know just the right little person for this trunkie -so fingers crossed.

  22. Tracy Hanley says:

    Taking my grandson on holiday soon and he would love this

  23. Rebecca Sutton says:

    i need a Trunki in my life to keep my daughter quiet. She is always on about getting one of these!

  24. Stephanie Keill says:

    For my son for travelling travelling Io the USA to visit his nan and papa.

  25. We need a Trunki in our life as my boy is desperate for one and as we travel a lot – it sure would come in useful x

  26. Kelly B says:

    Oh this would be brilliant for my little one! He would love it for going on holiday!

  27. Kirsty Ward says:

    Because my Daughter would love it!

  28. donna l jones says:

    my primose would love this for her holidays

  29. Kay Sherman says:

    I would love this to help when traveling with my little monkeys

  30. Astrid C says:

    ideal for travel with little ones x

  31. Sarah Hughes says:

    I need a Trunki in my life ready for our trip to Butlins

  32. Patience Kinch says:

    OMG… What an amazing prize, it’s beautiful… Fingers crossed I win it…😍😁🤞

  33. Gary Foster says:

    Great idea for a child’s luggage.
    Love it.

  34. Sandra Fortune says:

    For my little grandson to bring to nana’ s when he stays . This one’s fab not seen the police car one before. Thanks for the chance

  35. Adrian Price says:

    i need a trunki as a present for my nephew Max

  36. Gina M says:

    This would be great for my daughter for our holidays

  37. Allan Fullarton says:

    My son would love this.

  38. Natalie Gough says:

    This is one of the best trunkis I have seen.

  39. Natalie Gough says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter, it would be great for our holiday this August.

  40. paula cheadle says:

    perfect for my grandson, to bring his stuff over to mine when he visits me, which is most days

  41. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    my granddaughter woul love a Trunki.

  42. Christina Curtis says:

    I need it for my niece, perfect for our adventures in the summer.

  43. Stevie says:

    A trunki would be great for when my niece stays over.

  44. Emma Bradshaw says:

    My little boy would love this! His big sisters both had one when they were younger and they are fab!

  45. olivia kirby says:

    My daughter has one and they are fab, I would love this one for my son

  46. Rebecca Powell says:

    My son would love to take this on holiday

  47. Lucy Carter says:

    I’d love to win this for my nephew

  48. carol boffey says:

    lovely giveaway

  49. Donna W says:

    This would be great for my 3 year old, he’d love it for holiday and it would double up as something he could ride on.

  50. chris bull says:

    My little Monkey would be thrilled with a Trunki to take on holibobs 🙂

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