Creating Curves With The Perfect Shapewear


If you are struggling a bit with your weight or have not been able to keep up with your exercise routine, now, could be a good time to try out some shapewear. Wearing it is a quick and easy way to smooth out any little bulges and create the silhouette you really want.

You can find a great selection of shapewear online. Especially, from retailers like who specialize in selling plus-size clothing. To help you to select the right modern support undergarments for you and get the sizing right I have put together a few simple buying tips.

Buy the right size

The biggest mistake women make with shapewear is buying the wrong size. You need to get the fit right to benefit fully from the support this style of underwear can give you.

If you choose something that is slightly too small you will feel and look very uncomfortable. Any loose skin or fat will be re-distributed and end up spilling out of the sides of your support wear, which creates particularly weird-looking bulges. On the other hand, if you choose something that is too big it will not stay in place and offer you enough support. If you are not 100% sure of what size you need it is best to measure yourself. Or, better still get a friend to help you. This short video explains, in detail, how to measure yourself properly for all sorts of clothing, including shapewear.

Choose shapewear that creates smooth lines

You really do not want your shapewear to be visible under your clothing. So, whenever possible opt for the type that is made from smooth fabric. You should only opt for the type of shapewear that includes stays or other semi-rigid elements if you need a lot of support.

The right shapewear for the style of clothing you wear

When you wear shapewear, inevitably you are going to create visible lines that can give away the fact that you are wearing it. You need to think about this when choosing which items you are going to buy. For example, if you are going to be wearing a dress or skirt, the kind of shapewear that cuts off mid-thigh is fine. In this scenario, people will not notice the line created just above your knees by your undergarments. However, if you choose are wearing a pair of lightweight trousers that line will be highly visible, especially when you sit down. In that situation, it is far better to wear shapewear that finishes a few inches above your ankles.

In many cases, a full bodysuit will be the best answer. They are usually seamless, which means it is far less likely to show under your clothing.

Think about the cut of your clothing

You also need to choose the right cut. If you are planning to wear a dress or top with a plunging neckline, choose a bodysuit that does not cover your bust area. That way your shapewear will remain completely hidden under your clothes.

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